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Oh, Debra; What WONDERFUL NEWS to learn this morning! I am sure you will do fine "socializing" Lil' Chance!!! He is one of the "Lucky Ones". Good Luck getting the others and Mom as well! I believe that Rene or Hissy, or any other members who have "socialized" semi-feral kittens; will bavck me up when I say, the key word is PATIENCE ! :jarswim: and "time"; it will work out in TIME. You Done Good, Girl. You accomplished the hardest part; getting him captured and indoors. . . . .
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TLK/Thank you - you are one of my FAV purrsons here! I think a lot of others will second that! God has smiled on me these past few days being able to help these little guys - I feel GREAT I have been given this opportunity!
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when I brought my 2 girls home from the pound I didn't know that they were feral. after 3 months have made great strides coming out of their shell. It's been the most satisfying thing I've ever done. There isn't anything that feels better.

good luck with yours!
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Debra.....have been sick for a couple days, so just now saw that you had found your kitties!!! I am so happy!!!!! It is wonderful and inspiring when this happens and we all hear about it!!! It gives us all hope when something like this happens to one of us!

And also...I agree, Darlene (TLK) is one of my fav purrsons here too! We love her!
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Debby - thanks for your note - I am sorry that you have been ill. Nothing serious I hope? Here are good kittykiss thoughts to feel better soon. Chance and I are becoming fast friends - he loves to be held and falls asleep on my lap very quickly.
My niece cannot wait to come up and meet him - she is so sweet and will get a lot of benefit out of caring for Chance. When I can borrow a digital camera again - I will post some new pics of the critters.
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Thank you for caring!!! It was nothing serious, just sore throat, and a bit of sinus infection, I feel much better now! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!
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Bailey Lil came up today and spent a long time loving on her new kitten - I think they will be friends in no time at all. We re planning on moving him there on Sunday - will miss the little critter.
He is becomming more social all the time. His motor goes a mile a minute when he is being held. purrrr purrr purrrr
deb. glad you are all better!
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chance went to my sisters house today - I am sad and hAppy all at the same time! I know she and my niece will love him and he will have a great life - but there is an empty spot in my livingroom now!
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