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porch babies need prayers

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My two porch babies disappeared last night - no sign of them all day today and I am getting very worried! The two are 4 months old and are the offspring of a feral mother, Goldie, that I have cared for since winter.
They may wander away during the day but have never left the property before and are ALWAYS around in the early morning and evening.

Please say a kitty prayer that they will return tonight and be safe!
Thank you!
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my thoughts and prayers are with you and your kitties

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You are in my thoughts and I will be praying for you and your babies.
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Prayers are being sent and I'm going to light a candle so they can find their way home. Please keep us posted.

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I hope they come home safe and sound.
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I hope your little ones are safe and return home very soon.
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Debra; I just saw this. Of course, I will be praying for your babies. . . . . Please let me know first thing in the morning if they have come home or not. It is so hard to protect the "semi-ferals". I hope everything is okay.

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Dear Debra :angel2:

I too just saw this post, please know that your angels are in my prayers right now. Please keep us posted...You're in my prayers too.

Love &,
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Dear Debra,
I will keep your babies in my prayers.
I pray they come home safe and sound..

Nomar's mommy
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Please, please, please, I hope they will come back... I'll be thinking good thoughts for them.
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Sending prayers and positive thoughts that they will return.
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Today is Monday and I came home early from work. No sign of my babies yet - and NO food has been touched. I have checked along the roadside and to my relief, they are not there - but where they are is a mystery. I am hopeful that they have gone off on a jaunt with their mother, Goldie. She disappeared like this for three days this past April, and when she returned - had given birth to the ones I have now. (One with me and one adopted at the shelter, and the 2 that are gone astray) I pray they have not been gotten by a fox, etc......
I just know that with all your thoughts and prayers, they will come home!
I will let you all know what happens, and thanks again -
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Have you checked the, what is called? used to be the pound? If someone else called them in, they might have been picked up . . .

I hope they come home to you, safe and sound, just off on a hunting trip.
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Dear Debra :angel2:

I am very optimistic that your kitties have gone hunting with their Mommy

I know this wait is so disturbing; please have faith.

You and they are in my thoughts and prayers

Love, Peace &
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Debra; I hope it is a good sign that the mother cat is gone also. I mean, I hope this is an indication that they are all together and that they will all return. I will continue to pray for their safe homecoming. I think, as sunlion suggested, that you should try to check with your local Animal Control Center (pound)
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That is my thought too since the mother cat is also gone, they have probably gone off together hunting. Ours also have wondered off today which they don't usually do. They have only been around for about 3 weeks now and I know how quickly we all get attached to them. I hope yours return soon.
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I pray that your babies come home soon.
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Thanks everyone - I will call my friends at the shelter if they are not home tomorrow - but I don't think anyone could get their hands on them to trap. It has taken me the past 2 months to even start touching Popeye and to have Smudge sniff at my toes. I will keep you all posted and appreciate your continued concern. You are great folks!
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Oh Debra.....my thoughts and prayer's are with you!
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As you know,I have been very sad today about the porch babies - and GUESS WHAT???I drove upstreet to the Stewarts store and drove around a road or two looking for them (we are very rural)- then as I pulled in the driveway THERE THEY WERE!!!! Mom in tow, they were eating like there was no tomorrow. I cried I was so happy and immediately went in and got some treats and their play toys. We played for about 45 minutes, and then Mom called them and off they scampered into the bushes. I had called the neighbors, and when Ed called back - he said he had heard a cat crying last night behind his house near the barn. I assume that might have been Goldie- as tonight she does not look pregnant any more.
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. I think my relationship with these guys may be on a different level now - but will still keep trying to trap so they have a better life. I can't help it - I love the little guys.
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that is wonderful news!!!

I'm so glad to hear that they are back, Debra
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I am thrilled to hear the good news!!

Nomar's mommy
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Me too!.......... YIPPEE SKIPPEE....... and Thanks.
Now I can sleep better tonight - was up a lot the last two nights out calling them. All the cows in the area were probably wondering what the crazy cat lady was up to!
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Oh Thank goodness! I'm so happy your babies are ok!
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Oh Debra, I'm crying tears of joy!!! I'm soooooooooooo happy!!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I'm jumping up and down for you and thanking God!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!! Awwwwwww Honey, you just made my day!!!!

Love & Peace
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Yay! Sweet kitties, they knew who to come home to! You must be so relieved.
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Wonderful news! I'm so glad they made it home safely.
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I'm so happy to hear your kitties have come home.
I can imagine how worried you were about them.
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Here's to The POWER of Prayer! Needless to say; I am so happy the Momma and Family are home. I hope you are successul in finding them safe, loving homes. Ain't God Good!
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GUESS WHAT? Last night mother Goldie came again with Popeye only in tow - After eating and playing together, I did the old "Hissy grab" and he is now ensconsed in my livingroom in a big dog crate. Goldie looked at me like I had 4 heads and she growled at me for a bit - but I talked to her and told her the Popeye needed medical attention and a good home of which BOTH will happen. I wanted to post this last night, but it took a while to settle Popeye in AND calm down all the others in my house who I am sure were saying "not again"!! Little Ripley - littermate - went crazy upon seeing his sibling again - what JOY abounds from him even this morning when he visits Popeye.I need to work on socializing this little one-eyed vixen - and after that, my 10 yr old niece, Bailey Lil has a new kitty. Her two kitties died in a awful fire 5 years ago and she has wanted another every sine - Popeye's name is being changed to "chance" - per Bailey, as he/she? is getting another chance for a home. Smudge will be next.....
Any ideas on socializing a semi-feral kitten would be appreciated. Ripley was easy as he was 4 weeks younger and awful sick and took to us right away. This one will be more of a challange, I think, and I want him to get used to people, as Bailey Lil can't wait!!
Still new at this..........
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