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New baby!

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Just showing off my new 3 day old baby boy for everyone on the list!
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Congrats Chrissi! Was there any other kittens in the litter? She looks to be nice, I hope you will update us on her progress!
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"She" is a "he". He is a miracle baby, actually, and was born by caesarian section after a breach boy and girl born before him both got lodged in my queen's pelvis and, despite the best efforts of my wonderful vet, did not make it.

Mom and baby are doing really well. He is a demanding boy and keeps his mom very busy. Of course I will update the list regularly and will post another pic when his eyes open!
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He is soo cute, I can't wait to see more pictures. I love watching them grow up, they change so drastically!
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I just had to post an update of my baby boy.
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How adorable! Look at that itty bitty nose!
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Oh he is soooo sweet - what a precious angle!
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Oh HE'S looking good(Sorry for calling the little devil a she before,heehee)

Sorry about the girl in the litter.
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What an adorable face!!
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Awwwww. That is JUST the sweetest thing I've ever seen!!!!

What's he going to be called?
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He has been named Balouchi Crème de la Crème (check out my website nursery page), but I have not found a suitable pet name for him yet. At the moment, words like "little monster" and "brat" come to mind! He is bottle fed and you have never seen any kitten put up such a fight with a bottle! He really is adorable though and I look forward to showing him when he is old enough.
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Oh he is gorgeous!! sounds like a handful also...LOL
cant wait to see more pics....
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Nice name, and I can't wait to hear all about his show results!!!!

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Handful? That's an under-estimate with this one! You have never seen such temper tantrums if the bottle is not just right! Right temp, right angle.......
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