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Hi Guys(OMG this is the third question thread I have posted tonight,forgive me.)

My 15 month old Sophie(who is lactacting, but slowly weaning her kittens)( find out more about her here has started showing signs of calling but I'm not wanting to put her back to the same stud and I would like to get my young stud(13 months old) going, I put Sophie in Bens room tonight and they both "chatted" but he doesn't seem very keen yet. It's normally two years before out studs breed but I was just wondering if you have had them work quicker by placing a near calling cat in??

Any advice helpful,
Thanks. Sam.
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Usually a cat in heat will stimulate a stud. However, they all seem to develope at thier own pace. Some will pick up right away, and some need some practice. It may take a few heat cycles with the female before the male will get the idea.
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