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Opening up?

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Hi Guys. I have a 14 month old Persian called Muffin and I have been with her the day she was born from day one we were best buddies until she was about 8 months old when mum boyfriend moved in, she started to become shy of people and would rarely "talk" to me anymore(this is muffin, one of the most outgoing cats I've ever had) it wasn't until last night when I woke up and she was asleep on my pillow. It felt so good that she finally accepted me again, I can't think of why she would ignore me for that length of time?? Will she go back to being that reserved cat again? Everytime I see her now I pick her up and give her loves and kisses and tell her never to do that again.

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Sam it really is so hard to tell. Some cats change as they grow up from kittens to adult. Their disposition is often fixed only when they reach adulthood. This could be part of what's happening to your friend. Is she spayed? If not and she is getting into heat without mating, the stress can be affecting her adversely. I've seen this happen to female cats before. The changes in your home could have added to that stress no doubt.

when you pick her up and fuss all over her, make sure that this is really what she wants. I've seen cats, especially Persians, who are bothered by the contact but don't struggle to get free. Some cats just prefer a lower level of interaction - it can be a heredatry temperament, in which case the less you try to create physical contact, the more at ease she'll be and more likely to interact with you on her own terms.

These are all guesses of course. Not having seen the cat, it really is hard to assess these things over the internet.
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Cats can be bitterly jealous -- even to attacking the "intruder" (new boyfriend or husband/wife, visitor taking up too much of your attention, a new cat or dog, or even other kinds of new pets (snakes, birds, etc.). Cats also like things to remain the same. If you keep moving the furniture around, they will sometimes become anxious and disoriented for a while. Remember that cats like to suss out their territory -- where the trees are if something threatens them -- where the mice have their burrows near the composte pile -- and in the house this means the position of things that provide them with climbing or jumping opportunities. They learn the positions of things that are important to them just as a blind person learns a house and its furniture. You move a chair, and the cat or the blind person takes a fall.

If they are a little shy to begin with, they can retreat literally for years until one day, presto, they are their former bouyant selves. Sounds like your cat was shy of the new person in the house. It might help if that person would arrange to play fishing-line games with the cat (with you there, too). There are dozens of ways to involve a cat in fun things with strangers.

As you see, there are dozens of reasons why a cat might turn cranky or shy for a while. You have to watch your cat and try to figure out what she's telling you about her feelings. Cats are far less simple-minded than dogs...
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