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Glued stitches + post-surgical care.

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My little Meepy got spayed today (sniff - she's growing up!) and I was told that she's glued, not stitched. I was told to keep her separated from the other cats for a day, and to minimize her activities for the next three to five days.

Meep's furry family is very frolicky - always chasing one another, rolling around, etc. Should she be kept away from everyone else for the next couple of days, or will she not feel like frolicking?
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It is a good idea to just keep her in her own room quiet for a few days. Make sure that she doesn't have much to jump on either.
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Wow glued, never heard of that. My girls always get big stiches, that they sometimes chew. Hissy gave you good advice on this one. Sending healing vibes to meepy that she recovers quickly.
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It's a good idea to keep her seperated for at least a few days. They will sometimes overdo it, and the glue will come apart. The skin needs that time to start healing on it's own.
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Most kitties are a bit wiped out for a day or two anyway from their spay & do best if kept quiet & off to one side. Then try to keep her settled for a few more days so her tissues can heal.
If you have a large cat family you may want to dab them all with the same scent before you fully reintroduce her sa she may still have some vet clinic odors.Deb E
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I know that Nakita isn't a cat, but she was spayed last Wednesday. The Vet told me that they did indside stiches and then glued her together on top of the wound to keep her closed. It has been a real ordeal to keep her laying still since she is a Siberian Husky,one super active dog. I have since seperated her and Nemo my Malamute mix so she can heal properly.

I think it would be best for you to seperate Meepy from the rest of your crew so she can heal properly. On the first day of her surgery Nakita was looking pretty miserable but looked 100% better the next day. She now acts like nothing has happened to her at all...go fiqure I'm sure that in a couple of days Meepy will act like nothing has happened to her at all. Good luck with your baby Keep us posted on her progress.
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It's day two, and Meep's hiding in a bedroom closet. She meandered out a little bit yesterday, and her little brother greeted her by jumping on her head, which is a standard greeting for him. He was dispatched to another room, and Meep turned tail back for the closet.

Is the closet just a safety zone where she'll stay until she's confident and healthy enough to deal with the rest of the family?
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Yes, I would let her stay in the closet for awhile if she wants. She is clearly getting used to being home again.
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