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Good news! Baby bobtail 2!

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First I want to thank everyone for the support after the passing of my kitten Bogey at 13 weeks old. I was supposed to pick him up from my breeder last week, but he developed a heart problem (along with his brother) and didn't recover. You can read more about and see his baby pictures here

My breeder, Lisa, offered to try to find another kitten with a different breeder or if I wanted to wait, I could get a kitten from her spring litter. I told her I would wait for one of her kittens because of all the help she provided and I knew she had been working hard to develop the American Bobtail breed for 18 years.

Well this morning she wrote to tell me about a 6 month old male she had been showing. It seems the judges think his tail is too short, lol. So because of this, she is giving me this little boy! I might be able to pick him up as soon as next week even! Here is the only pic I have of him so far.
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That's great! What a cutie. That should mend your heart. I hope it all works out well this time. Enjoy!
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aaawwww what a cutie boy
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He's precious!!
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Oh, he looks adorable. What is his name? It's great you don't have to wait to get another kitten.

This must be the work of Bogey's
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I'm not sure what Lisa calls him at her house, but his registered name is Good Boy. She said she the name describes him perfectly hehe. I haven't decided on a name for him yet, but I was thinking about maybe Deuce. I'll let you know when I know! Also as soon as I have more pics, I'll put them up!
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Fireshoes glad a replacement(you know what I mean..) kitten was found easy. I hope this boy gives you lots of love and pleasure.

Can't wait to see more pictures of him.
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He's a cutie. Hope to see more pics of him soon.
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Awwwwww that is soooo awesome!! I am so happy for you...he is a beautiful cat...im partial to tailess cats anyway...LOL
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What lovely news, fireshoes! He's a gorgeous boy, and he'll tell you his name when he's ready. I do hope this works out for you. Bogey was a sweetie -- perhaps he's merely standing aside to make room for this guy. We'll be waiting with bated breath for more pics.
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OMG!! He is adorable!!! I am so sorry to hear about Bogey, though!
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I'm glad you're getting a new kitty, sorry about Bogey More pics soon..... he's a cutie.
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Isn't he a sweetie!! So pretty. I think it's hysterical that the judges think his tail is too SHORT! Maybe you should call him stretch. Good luck and congrats on your kitty. I'm sure Bogey is happy for you too!
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He's just adorable. I'm glad they were able to find you another kitty.
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Originally posted by cla517
... Maybe you should call him stretch. ...
Oh, yeah!!! What a hoot!
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awww what a cutie pie! I'm so sorry about bogey
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Thanks everyone! I talked the boss into letting me off work a couple of hours early tonight, which gave me just enough time to travel to the east coast of Iowa and pick up the kitty! It was a long trip, about 7 hours total and I just got home a few minutes ago. It was definitely worth it though.

He is absolutely adorable! I've never petted a bobtail before and I was surprised how hard it is. It's weird not running my hand down a full length tail, lol. He was very calm when I met him, just taking everything in. He was getting some lovin's from his breeder and then decided to come over to my lap for awhile, before I headed back. I opened my cat carrier and he walked right in, so it was completely painless. He curled up and snoozed for the trip back. I turned on the dome light every once in a while to check on him and he just half opened his eyes to see what I wanted hehe. I put him in my bedroom for now with food, water, and litter. The door to the living room is open if he chooses to come out. Actually he hasn't come out of the carrier yet, but the door is open and I figured he would come out whenever he is ready.

Just wanted to get you and update. I'll have some pics in the next couple of days!
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Hooray!! I don't imagine you did your job very well towards the end of your shift with the excitement you must've been feeling all day. It sounds like you got yourself a great cat. He must be used to cars. Ours make a lot of noise in the car to let us know they're unhappy about it.
I can't wait to see more pictures!! What a sweet face you're going to wake up to, if you go to sleep that is. Enjoy!!!
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Oh - I missed the bit about Bogey's passing. I'm so sorry about that But what a bittersweet ending . . . you have a Bobtail after all and he's one super looking kitty (I'd put an exclamation mark here, but one of my persians is sitting on that part of the keyboard - LOL)

I'd echo the more pictures bit too
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He's precious!
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I am wondering about the difference between the American Bobtail and the Manx. My friend has a cat with that nub of a tail, so we thought he was Manx. Now after looking at your pictures, it seems as though he falls more into the American Bobtail category. My research on the net didn't give me too many answers.
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Fireshoes, I am so sorry that you lost the handsome Bogey I didn't know that he had gone to the bridge.

Your new purr baby is a handsome fellow: and I wish you and him the best for a long and happy relationship together. I know that he isn't Bogey but he will find his place in your heart that he can call his own, just like Bogey did.
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I'm sorry you lost Bogey . Congratulations on your new baby, he is a very handsome guy! I hope he has a very long happy life with you.
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How lovely that your baby is home -- and without a bunch of fuss, too -- that's a bonus and a half! Have a lovely time with him. Oh, and, one more vote for pics.
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Yay!!! I'm so glad you've got your new kitty. Have you decided on a name yet?
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I am so happy that you got your baby now . I am sure you enjoy him very much . Please don't forget to share him with us too
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Yay, your new babies home.
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Awwwww, he's sweet!.

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I'm glad that you were find another kitty to love. I realize that he won't fully fit Bogey's shoes in your soul, but he definitely will fill your soul with his 'own' puurrrsonality.
Cheers for your new soon to be cat
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Awwww he's adorable
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