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I was wondering if TCS would add a review forum , there are many many places to buy cat /pet related supplies there are also many many supplies , for me trying to figure out whats a good site to purchase from and what are good products to purchase has my head spinning ...a review forum would help I think to share positive and not so positive experiences .
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We have actually stopped doing reviews for this year (reviews of years past can be found in our shop section under some of the products there) Instead we will showcase products in our shop section, that we believe will make you or your cat's life better. The Showcase will premiere Feb. 1st.

We have discussed having outside reviews, but think it might cause more problems then it would help.
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Also, try our sister site.....www.meowhoo.com
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Also lovely items for sale can be found at "The market place" which is a forum here at TCS! Good luck
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