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no sleep

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We have a cat who wakes us up nightly for food around 1:30. We don't want to keep him out of the bedroom, since he and his brother sleep with us. We've tried ignoring him, but he's very persistent. Putting blankets over our heads does nothing. He walks/jumps on us, kisses us under the blankets, etc. Someone told us to push him away, but we don't want to do that. We feed them a little right before we go to bed.
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Either you set the boundries or they will. Just like a child. either ignore him, push him off the bed, lock him out of the bedroom or deal with getting bugged plain and simple.

Sorry to sound so rude just didn't know any other way to put it.
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Believe it or not, this is a very common problem! So, you're not the only one losing sleep because of a noisy cat!

Please click here to read a thread full of great advice. Also, make sure you click on the links I provided in that other thread as well.

With a little persistance (and perhaps some ear-plugs) this problem will go away!
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THanks for the link referrals. Noise is not a problem, our sweetie wakes us up with love and affection. Last night we held out untill 4 AM, but he pestered my husband every 15 to 30 minutes. Hopefully we can keep up our diligence and develop a habit of eating around the time our first alarm goes off at 4:30 weekdays!
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Since we feed our cats dry food, except Amber, I keep food out at all times to let them eat free will. None of them has a weight problem either and there is no waking us up to be fed. Amber does sometimes because she feels it is time to play.
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