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Sub forum suggestion

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Hissy's thread in the lounge got me thinking. I would love to see a guest forum some time about the links between behaviour and health, as in psychosomatic causes for health problems. (not just behavioural symptoms of health problems, but the link the other way around).

Just as an example, the health effects of stress, and what to watch for, that kind of thing. My cat was peeing outside the litter box, and my vet asked first if he had been under any stress lately. (And he had, and she told me how to monitor him, and he is fine). But she explained that he may develop UTI caused by stress, and they are thinking that a lot more health problems are directly caused by behavioural issues.
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Hissy is the organizer of the sub forums!! Perhaps drop her a PM, and maybe she can try to find a guest that would be willing to address what you mentioned.
Thanks for the ideas!
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