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My Kitten

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Here is a little poem that I would like to share with you.
I wrote this when my first persian found me. Well, here it goes:

My Kitten

Petite Paw,
All Four,
She wants to play a little more;
Paper, bag, ball or string,
She has fun with everything!
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Whiskerkitty - that is adorable!
I enjoyed the light-heartedness of it.
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Whiskerkitty, what a delightful poem, I just love cat poems.
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Thanks a bunch for sharing your poem with us! By the way, what's the Persian's name? Is she still with you?

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Dear WhiskerKitty; Simple, light-hearted and so true of all kittens, not just persians.
It made me smile. Thank you.
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What a sweet gentle little poem. You did such a great job of describing your kitty at play in so few words.
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It sounds like a little pearl - so light and nice and small and cosy. Thanks for sharing it
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Thanks for sharing the sweet poem.
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My cat has fun with averything to.
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Very, very adorable! Thank you for sharing!

Val :tounge2:
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