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What about nail caps??

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Could I solicit comments from you dear people, good or bad, about my trying nail caps in hopes of preserving darling wife's furniture? These are new to us, and untried, and with a new cat enroute we thought we might give them a try, depending on what we hear from this fine group. Forgive me if this newbie is reopening a subject already covered in detail elsewhere. Much thanx, Jim
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Here is a thread on this subject - hope it answers your questions:

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The website has lots of good info on application, and FAQ too.

I've used them & had great results...2 cats took to them w/no problems. One would pull them right off but using bitter apple on the caps combined with distracting her after they were first applied helped, plus she got used to them over time.

Of course, only use them on a cat that will be indoors-only, as they blunt the cat's natural defenses.
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I think Soft Paws are fantastic! Zero wears them with no problems. Definately give them a try.
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There is also a new product called couch corners. The man just put up his website, I will see if I can locate the address
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