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human food?

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My cats love boiled chicken ...is this ok to feed them?
they also like some tuna once in awhile...
what kind of human foods can they have that wont hurt them?
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I think just as long as it's cooked and good they can eat it, my brat babygirl loves chicken sandwitches and will purr at me til i give her bites of mine, and my bigboi who used to be a alley cat loves anything i call him a vaccum cus he follows me around picking up whatever I drop.... I only thought that sugar and chocolate we're really bad for cats....but i'm prolly wrong
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Actually, Graycie can only eat roast chicken, he's missing some vital element and he can't digest cat food. We've had vet prescribed food and he would just throw up so the only thing he can eat is chicken and this really expensive hair ball food. It costs 19 dollars for a 4 lb bag!!!
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If I remember correctly, onion and garlic are bad for cats too. I think garlic is actually toxic. So when I'm making my chicken (the only human food I share with my boys) I cut off a small piece before I season it and cook that for just them
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