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New Cat on the Block

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Hi! I'm new here. Just stopped by to say hello and I'm sure I'll enjoy talking to you. I have 3 cats - a black moggie, and two British Shorthairs which I bred, a blue cream - Daisy and cream - Dandy. As there was only 2 kits I decided to keep them. They are both12 years old now. I used to have 9 cats but unfortunately they are with me no longer. What sort of cats does everyone on here have?
See ya soon.
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Welcome! I have 2 moggies...brothers from the same litter.

Post some pictures so we can see your cuties!

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welcome to the boards! My cats are in my siggie
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I have 2 tabbys. love pictures....
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Welcome to TCS and enjoy your stay .

As you can see in my sigi , I have al kinds of cats and a few more too . We do love pictures at TCS , so if you have any of your kitties , we would love to look at them in the picture forum .
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Hiya Spitfire - cool name!!!

Welcome to TCS

I have 2 persian kitties (blue and lilac cream) and a black FIV + ex-stray moggie.

Hope to hear more about you and your brood soon - and some pics . . . (hint, hint)
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Hi Spitfire(Lovin' the username BTW )

Welcome to TCS! I breed persian and exotics so own alot of them. I hope we will get to see some pics of your babies.
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Welcome to the site! I also have two mutt-cats, a.k.a. moggies.

Enjoy your time here, and I look forward to getting to know you and your three kitties on the board!
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Hi Spitfire and welcome to TCS.

My two cats at present are in my siggy and they're both moggies.
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Im sorry if i sound nieve...but what is a moggie?
I have a manx mix named BOB
and a seal lynx point himalayan named Nico
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welcome Spitfire! I have moggies too (himmymommy, moggies are non specific cats-a mixture and not purebred,come in all shapes and sizes but just as beautiful). I have 4 moggies
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Hiya himmie mummie - a moggy is a nonpedigree cat. We have an old black one. He's a lovely old boy. He's got no teeth but can still give a hefty nip!
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Welcome to TCS, Spitfire. We have just one moggie (picture below).
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Welcome to TCS, hope to see some pics soon
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Oh thats what a moggie is

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Hi Spitfire, welcome to the site. Im also from the UK,and have a british shorthaired "Tortie" called Rosie.

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