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Hi :) My Name's Nomar and these are a couple of photos from my Party!!  

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Hi There 's

I recently had my first birthday and I thought I would post a couple of pictures up here. You don't think I'd actually participate in the party do ya...no, no, nooooo...I waited till all the humans were looooooong gone of course. Then, I came out! =^..^= Why, I'd be ruining the reputation of cats all over the world if I did anything else now that I've made "Cat Status" meeooooooooooooow ...hope ya like 'em

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You cat is beautiful! He/she looks just like my Marina Mar, sort of a turkish angora wannabe, and she's 3 years old.

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Nomar; You "Ebony Devil": Your personality surely came thru in these photos. Sorry I couldn't be at your party. Maybe next year!!! Love Ya', Baby Boy. Your Aunt Darlene TLK
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Dear Donna :angel2:

Yes Nomar is a beauty, but guess what? He's not mine although I'd love for him to be. He's RedHeadHon's kitty Loretta.
Very, nice lady I've come to know, she doesn't really post too often, she's kinda shy. But, she's been posting a little bit more often as I see.

This cat just cracks me up, he climbs those curtains and he's really the light of her life. That is so cool in itself

By the way, he is named after her favorite baseball player, Nomar Garciaparra of the Red Sox

Love &,
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He is a beautifull cat. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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He is lovely!
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I am happy to post them for her...it's kinda a suprise...well, I guess it is a suprise...she's such a sweetie and she has given herself so much to Max! She is incredible. It's the very least I can give back to her.

Love &,
awwww, here's another of the little warrior himself! :laughing2
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Nomar is a beauty. Pic# 3 - getting into the medicine cabinet - made me laugh so hard. I was imagining that Nomar needed a little headache medication after his party! After all,no respectful kitty would want any 'hair of the dog' to feel better - they prefer "catcedrine"!
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Nomar is a heart-throb! Thank you cat for posting them. RedHeadHon, you have a beautiful furbaby!
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Nomar is a beautiful cat!!
Looks like he had a good time AFTER the party :laughing2
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Catarina:daisy: Normar is a beautiful cat and I love all the pictures, he looks like my felix, did you take the pictures yourself Catarina, I,ve shown my mum and she also thinks they are great pictures of Normar

love from jenna and Felix :flower:
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Here's a collage of 'em ...I kinda like to climb on curtains too, my Mom, RedHeadedHon(aka Loretta) freeeeeeaks when I do this...but, hey, it keeps things intersting and she loves me...I make her laugh a lot!!! Hmmmmmm...she may be having to replace those things soon...
PS Don't tell her I said that, she'll be on to me then ...meow
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What a cutie. Climbing the curtains though Ouch!
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Ahhhhhh....just a little rest and relaxation before I jump those curtains again
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Hello Catarina,
When I got home from work tonight I checked out the site. I saw Nomar's name and thought to myself, "hmmm someone else has a cat named Nomar too!" After reading about party I realized that's
my Nomar!!!
What a SURPRISE! (I like those
kind of surprises) :laughing2:
That was so sweet of you to do
Nomar definitely has a personality...
I have tried to deter him away from the
curtains using a water bottle, I bought
"Bitter End" and last but not least,
"Sticky Paws".
When I put tape on curtains Nomar put his paws on it and found that he could make the curtains move, back and forth...
I guess he thought I did that for his added pleasure.
As for Max what I do comes from my
Thank you so much for caring about my
Nomar and for your friendship.

Debra Myers:
The pic of Nomar being nosy around the med
cabinet...one time I found him half way in cabinet..All I saw was his butt and tail
hanging out!:laughing2:

Your always welcome to visit. Bring some extra curtain rods.. :LOL:

Thanks everyone for the kind words about
my Nomar...
He keeps me on my toes! (yeah when I am stretching to hang rods back up!) :LOL:
I am hoping to find someone who does
portraits..I would love to have one done of him...
Thanks again Cat...you made my evening..

Nomar's mommy
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Redheadhon, Nomar is one gorgeous kitty!!! What a beauty! and Cat, you're (closest thing I could find to a star!) for posting them!!

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Yay! What a handsome young gentleman!!!
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Dearest Loretta :angel2:

Awwww, how sweet of you Loretta, but it was totally my pleasure and I'm so happy that made you smile! You're such a great person and I would like all to know that!

Loretta emailed me one day and ever since then we've become great friends. Out of nowhere she pulls this stunt on me that was overwhelming and I still can not believe it.
Loretta works overtime for Max...It's so hard to fathom her dedication to Max and to abused animals everywhere. Her extra monies are donated to Max's fight for justice so that vicious criminal that murdered him can go to jail! It's something that not many would or could do. For this, Loretta, I am speechless and I wish there was something I could give back to you. God Bless your kindness and unselfishness.

I had to laugh so hard when you thought someone else had a kitty named Nomar! That's hysterical. :LOL: I will put this on a printable version, his pics on Kodak paper for you to keep. I know you love this kind of stuff Hey, I do too! :laughing2

I'd like also to thank you all for the sweet reply's Nomar's received. He is so beautiful and such a little mischevious guy. It's so apparent from his pictures....he's a baaaaaad little boy! :laughing2 :laughing2::LOL::LOL:

Oh and thank you Bodlover, that was too kind...(trust me, I'm sitting her blushing) hahahaha

Well, that's our boy Nomar and of course a little background on our most humble member Loretta...
I would just like to thank you for being my friend, one of the most precious gifts the Lord can give someone.

PS...Nomar's in love with my Ninya, you should see this card he sent her!!!! OMG!


I'd be happy to make a collage for anyone just contact me

Love, Peace &
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Hello Catarina,
I'm still shocked to see
my Nomar on the screen!
Talk about surprises!!! :laughing2:
Nomar gives me joy and anxiety throughout the day. Hey, I wouldn't want it any other way.
As for Max this was something I wanted to do.. God has blessed me with a job I love and I just want to help in any way I can... I don't claim to have the answers to all of life's problems,
(hey, I can't even keep my Nomar away from the darn curtains!!) :laughing2:
but if I can help to make a difference in just one cause then it was all worth it to me!!
For the humble part nah,
I am just shy
When I came to the TCS it was my fault for not introducing myself..I just rushed to the Behavior Forum in search of answers to Nomar's behaviors...
but like I told you before,
"I am not a stranger to anyone, just a friend you haven't met yet.."

That would be great if you could save Nomie's pics...I'm just a webtv user don't know all the computer lingo.. :LOL:

Now for the final response to your letter.
If there was anything you could do for me?
Hmmm...I guess having the real Nomar!
I know, not today huh? :LOL:
well here's to my fav RED SOX player,

Oh, Nomar and Ninya??
need I say more?? :laughing2:

Nomar's mommy :
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Dear Loretta :angel2:

Okay, I guess I'm gonna have to put out my feelers on that request, but remember this, nothings impossible! hahaha :laughing2 :laughing2

Yesterday Nomar the kitty on the screen, tomorrow, Nomar Garciaparra in your living room Hey, ya never know!!!!!!!

Love, Peace &
Man, no wonder why you like this guy! :laughing2
This is a beginning :laughing2
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I know someone who does portraits - send me off photo and I will see what I can con him (the hubby) into!
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Ahhhh...my thirst has been quenched!

That Nomar could pull my curtains down
anytime!!! :laughing2:

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Dear Loretta

:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2 :laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2 :laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2

Whew it'll give me time to work on the real thing then! :LOL: :LOL::LOL:

Love ya!!!!!!!
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Dearest Kittylove :angel2:

I just saw your posting! I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to answer your questions sooner!

Let's see, No, I didn't take Nomar's pictures...his Mommy Loretta did, but she sent them to me and I put them together for this Thread which was sooooooo much fun!

Oh and YES! He certainly would look just like your Felix! He's all black and furry too isn't he! :laughing2...just thank goodness that Felix doesn't pull the curtains down! Your Mum wouldn't care for that too much! :laughing2

I hope you are doing well my sweet angel! Give Felix a big hug and kiss for me too!! :angel2:

Love, Peace &
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Nomar is a very beautiful cat.

Thanks for posting the pictures!
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Awwwwwwww, Cat....thanks for showing us those ADORABLE pics!!
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I'm so glad everyone enjoyed Nomar as much as Loretta and I do..he's quite a character that's for sure! It was really nice to share his photo's with ya

Thanks for all your positive replies...it was so refreshing!

Love, Peace &,
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Hi Catarina,
Oh the picture is so cute, and I love the little twinkle

Felix dos,nt go near the curtains, but he keeps using our guinea pig run as a scratching post, his scratch marks are everywhere, but at least he is good in the house

Give your cats a big hug from me too

love from Jenna and Felix. :laughing2 :blubturq: :rainbow: :girly1: :flower:
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Hello Kittylove,
I am Loretta, Nomar's mommy.
I am happy that you liked
his photos!!
Nomar is really a good
and lovable cat.
He just doesn't understand that I prefer
the curtains to be on the rods and not on the floor.... :laughing2:
For his birthday he got lots of toys and he seems to be enjoying them very much!
I hope to hear from you again!
I would love to hear about your kitty and the fun he has...

Nomar's mommy
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My furmom is finally off of the computer and
Nomar I saw your picture (and the others too - they
fun to look at!) and I want to wish you a


(I don't know yet as I won't turn one for a little
while yet but that is what I heard!)
I hope you got a lot of fun cat toys for your birthday!
Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs (I have a hard time
typing as my tufts on the bottom of my paws get in the way)! oh no, here
comes someone up the driveway . . . I've gotta run!

Purrs and headbutts, Savannah's Silver Lining
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