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Hello everybody!

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I found this site already in October last year, but wanted to wait with a proper presentation until I could remote link a picture of our precious kitty, Vilma

We love her to bits - she's a Scottish Fold lady, born in Russia on November 1, 2000, so she's just turned 3. We had a celebration because she's finally acclimatized to our home. We got her in April 2002, and at first she was quite timid with us and spent her first weekend in hiding.

Now she'll lay down anywhere and stretch out full length, almost 2 feet tall!!! This in spite of our pug puppy Nappe, her friend and at times adversary. At times they'll be at each other's throats, but Vilma always comes out on top; she's quite clever that way!But most times they're happy sleeping next to each other on the bed.

Vilma's favorite places are by the kitchen window, which you can see in the background of the picture, in her own reclining chair, and streched out on the morning paper on the kitchen table. Well, come to think of it, she's happy anywhere. When we have company, she'll initially hide in the book case behind a row of books, but will eventually come out and do the catwalk strut.

The most endearing feature is her tendency to find any kind of basket or box and squeeze into it and sleep in a position we find impossible to be comfortable. But we cannot stop her, so she keeps on doing it.

She's an affection junkie, and would like to be stroked for hours, but rarely likes to be held for longer periods of time. She sheds lots and lots of hair all over, and gets quite static at times, but refuses to be groomed, so we end up having to trick her from time to time.

Anyway, a big hug to all you cat lovers out there - Vilma sends a purr as well!

- Annika
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Welcome Annika and Vilma! What gorgeous eyes on Vilma!!
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WELCOME TO THE TCS.... Wow those are some eyes on that cat.....
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Welcome to TCS and nice meeting you and Vilma .
Vilma is a very beautiful lady and what gorgeous eyes she has
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The eyes are special, yes, and more so, because she often appears to be owl-like not only by appearance...

But Vilma is indeed precious and the sweetest cat I've ever met in person!

- Annika
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Anikka- She's beautiful! I can't welcome you enough to TCS. I hope we will be able to see more photos of Vilma in the future.
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Welcome to the site Annika! Oh my goodness - Vilma is simply stunning! She sounds like a wonderful purrsonality. I look forward to getting to know you ahd Vilma on the board.
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Welcome to TCS Annika and Vilma.

She's beautiful.
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what an absolutely gorgeous cat!!
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hello and welcome - I do love Scottish folds
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Welcome to TCS, Vilma is gorgeous.
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