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February Forum Contest Announcement  

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In Feb. Anne and I are on the search for good cat-related slogans we can use on the website and in various other areas concerning the website.

There are a few requirements:

The slogans have to be original
They must be short, no more than one or two sentences
We want something that will make people think about cats and thecatsite.com
Think bumpersticker type slogans when you are putting on your thinking caps.

Members will have a chance to vote on the slogan they feel is the best, but the ultimate decision rests with Anne.

The winner will receive a nice selection of cat-related books. Including two newly released delights- 516 Cat Quotes by Katherine Palmer Peterson and a Ronnie Sellers Production called Cat Naps: The Key to Contentment, along with a wall calendar of sleeping kitties featured in Cat Naps.

516 Sensational Cat Quotes can be ordered at 1-888-349-5220
and Cat Naps can be found here:

Cat Naps

Both books can also be ordered through Amazon.com but wouldn't it be nice to win them instead? Along with other books as well?

Go ahead and start posting your ideas in this thread when they come to you-
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The first, feeble attempt:
thecatsite.com - for cat lovers, news junkies, and those seeking commonsense advice.
That seems a bit long for a bumper sticker, but reflects my assessment of TCS.
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99/ 100 cats agree..... TCS is the BEST!!
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The Catsite.com The Pawsitive Place To Be For All Your Cat Needs.

It's my first brainstorm
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My Meowmy posts at The Cat Site!!
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No hairballs here just good advice...The Catsite.com
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Come and Meow with us over at The Cat Site!!
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These are great!
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The Cat Site.com.... It's good for You
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Here at TCS we love Cats and it shows!!
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TCS.... Come for the Conversation.... Stay for the Cats!!
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Come feel the love.... At TCS
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The CatSite.com Encouraging responsible cat owners

The CatSite.com Promoting healthy relationships between people and the cats they love

The CatSite.com encouraging spay/neuter and responsible cat ownership

The CatSite.com Providing education and advice for cat crazy people
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Come to TCS and brag about your furbabies
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TCS..... A caring TNR Community
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www.thecatsite.com The Purrfect place to be for cat lovers!

Cat Questions? www.thecatsite.com

www.thecatsite.com The best place on the web for cats and the people who love them.
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Darn, and I was hoping no one would participate and I keep this nifty prize all to myself! Bump
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TCS.... Come and Meow with US!!
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TCS...Pounce on over for some cat chattin'!
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TLC for your cats,
TCS for you!
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Got Cats????...Thecatsite.com

kinda silly i know but i was thinking of the got milk commercials...LOL
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Home of Cute kitties..... The Cat Site. Com
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Honk if you love thecatsite.com!
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Two paws up for thecatsite.com!
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TCS, for all you wanted to know about paws and claws but were afraid to ask!
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The Cat Site.com.... Paws, Claws, and lots of ahhhhs
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Ask and you shall receive @ TCS where cat lovers meet .
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Are you crazy for cats ? Then TCS is a place you will find others just like you .
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Nation of Cats meet at The Catsite.com!!
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