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Weird Noise!

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I don't know if this would be under behavior or not, but my 9 month old kitten Doku makes a very weird noise whenever someone sneezes. She opens her mouth wide and makes a clicking noise with her tongue or something. Anyone know anything about this?
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Just when someone sneezes? May be it's her way of say bess you!!!
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LOL, yes just when someone sneezes, especially if they are close to her. Her lips quiver when she does it too.
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That is seriously the funniest thing I've ever heard
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I wish I had a video camera so I could record it sometime. I should look in to that, because I don't know how else to explain it, hehe.
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I'm sure it's just a reaction to the sneeze and nothing to be worried about. My kitty Max makes all kinds of strange noises. He grunts and snorts. It is the funniest thing. Until I got him, I had never heard a cat make noises like he does.

Your clicking kitty is just special in her own little way!
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My Moemoe makes a clicking noise when he sees birds outside.
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So does my Cosmo, when he sees a bird he also makes a clicking noise. He is my funny cat....
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The clicking noise is a hunting sound -- cats make it when they see some kind of prey -- a sparrow hopping just too far away to be caught, or singing from a lower branch as if trying to tease the cat. It is made by the teeth clicking together, much like ours click when we are so cold our teeth "chatter." Essentially it means -- I want, I want, I want, oh, oh, I want that I want that.... Some cats do it and some don't. Among my own feline brood it often is done by a cat who has had the benefit of living with their mother and who has learned the rudiments of hunting their own food, and is less often done by a cat that I have bottle reared.
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Thats weird, Doku was 2 weeks old when we got her, she was found in a field and the farmer was going to kill the litter so this woman took them, when she makes the clicking sound her mouth is all the way open too.
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Jeepers clicks and chirps, usually when she's running around a lot.
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Rosie makes this noise, especially when she's having her photograph taken!.

I don't know what it is that makes her do this, but it takes ages to get a normal picture of her without her making these 'chattering' noises when the cameras on her!!

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My kittens and my one other cat all do this in the windows. I often wake up to the clicking noises. My persian Elliot makes all kinds of grunts and snorts and snoring noises but i think thats becasue his face is sooo flat his breathing is kinda screwed up.
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My cats have clickers too, especially when bird watching. And when the squirrel comes to the house feeder all %^&* % breaks loose!
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