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I've missed you guys!!!

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The computer at home has been down for ages and I am using the computer at my son's library. I am the new librarian vollenteer.

I also have an after school program that teaches pet care to the students. We were able to watch a guinea pig give birth yesterday. The kids really love the class and I have someplace to keep all my critters. I will have speakers on the importance of spay and neuter and keeping cats indoors.

I want to thank Tammie for keeping me updated about Hallie and Jake. I am so happy they are doing so very well. I knew they would be happy there!

To my pen pals I am so sorry I haven't written in a while. I have about a billion emails not answered and will write soon.

Sam I'm sorry to hear about your rat. We lost ours just last week. His name was Harry Potter as he had a lightning bolt on his forehead. He was very sweet and the kids will miss him.

I'm glad to be back and hope to write more often!
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Welcome back DragonLady , we missed you and worry about you . I am so glad everything is OK with you and you are doing good .
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I am so glad to hear from you and that you are okay - we were worried about you!

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Welcome back. I've missed you.
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Hey Lady - good to hear from you again. Don't stay away so long netx time!!
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It's nice to hear from you again. Welcome back!!
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Welcome back, Theresa! I've been wondering where you got to. The pet care program at the school sounds interesting - I hope you have a lot of fun with it, and will relate the funny things the kids say here.
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Teresa! I'm so happy your back! I missed you tons! (((HUGS)))
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Welcome Back
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There was an MIA thread about you not too long ago. Welcome back.
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Hey Teresa, good to se all is OK. Hope you get that BAAAAAADDDD computer back on line asap.

Take care.
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Teresa hun!! Sooo glad you're back.

Glad you were able to get on a computer and update us, your after school programme sounds like such fun. Well done.

I'm sorry to hear about Harry Potter. I know what it's like, Thank you.

Hope all the cats are doing fine.

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Welcome back Teresa!!
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It's good to have you back, Theresa!
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Dragonlady,Theresa I am so glad to see you on here again
Welcome Back You have been missed by us all
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Hi Teresa! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know how you're doing! I sure would love to see some photo updates of your precious furbabies
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Welcome Back Teresa!!
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Welcome back! We were wondering not long ago what happened to you.
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Teresa, I have missed you! I would like your e-mail to keep in touch if you wouldn't mind PM'ing it to me.
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I forgot to tell you guys! I won the lawsuit! Some of you may remember that I was having problems with a breeder in southern California. Well, she didn't even bother to show up in court. We won over $900.00!
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Hi Teresa , I remember you were saying something about the problem with a breeder but don't remember the details .
My congrats on winning the lawsuit , I am happy it worked out for you .
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Thanks! This person didn't finish paying for a kitten and then gave it away. I sued her and her husband as they co-own the cattery. She had her doctor send in a note that said she was pregnant. My hubby asked the judge if her hubby was pregnant too.. Neither one showed up to the court house. I have someone to collect the debt. He is the same one who tracked them down and served them. (They moved) The kitten that nearly starved to death (she lost 33%of her body weight in 45 days)is still small for her age and has yet to go into heat. She turned 1 last September. This is the kitten she was supposed to show so she could get the discount for the one she wanted to keep. I even offered to return her money several times to get the kitten she wanted to keep back, but she gave it away instead.
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OMG how awefull

Did you got the kitten ( 1 year old now ) back ? Or how is the poor thing doing now ? Some people really don'r need any animals
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The kitten she was supposed to show for me I was able to get back. The one she wanted to keep she gave away to the first person that bought a $15.00 bag of cat food at the Walmart near her home. I never found out who has her now.
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Aw! Sad story but I'm so happy you won the lawsuit.. yeeyah
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So glad to see you back on here, Teresa! I've missed you and was worried about you!!!

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Welcome back! You've been missed (as you can tell )! Hope you're able to check in more regularly than I've been able to, LOL!

Hope everyone's doing well - especially the furr family.
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