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What do yours do when you are on Computer

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What do your kitties do when you are on the computer?
I responded to a post I originally posted saying that I really appreciated your warm welcome (please read earlier post!). My little himmy loves to curl up in my computer desk drawer (while it is open) and sleep beside me as I type on the PC! She is something else, when she is bored she'll sit on the back of the computer chair and watch the screen! They should make computer desks with a "cat pull out drawer and label "The Cat File"!
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Well, one of mine only comes in when he wants attention. My other one sometimes sits on my shoulder, walks across the desk, or hangs out on the bed next to me. As to current activity, he just vomited at my feet. Great!
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Well Sebastian doesn't care for the computer, what he wants is my chair: he wants to sleep on the chair and will try to get rid of me by looking extremely upset and disconfortable. He willmake me feel guilty and I'll finally leave!!!!
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Only little Rip comes around - he appears fascinated with the movement on the screen - from typing / but especially when I am playing a game called Snood. Sometimes he will sleep on my lap - and will also claw at the computer chair when he thinks I have been here long enough and he want to eat AGAIN!!! That cat is a bottomless pit. hehe
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Drew likes to lay on the computer towers under our desk. (We have 4 computers.. 2 monitors on our desk and two of the towers are side by side) Jake will fight til his last breath to get in my lap.. if I put him on the bed or floor.. he'll just get right back in my lap.. he doesn't give up! Sebastian LOVES to get on the back of the computer chair.. or he'll force me to hold him.. (These cats totally rule me here..) by crawling up on my chest and putting on paw on each shoulder.. as if to say "hold me mommy". It works every time.
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Mine aren't very interested in the computer. They will occasionally come in the room to see what we're doing and get a quick petting then they are off again to get a bite to eat or take another cat nap. (They do enjoy watching TV though.)
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Akira usually lays under my desk. River sits and meows until I pick her up then she'll climb up on my shoulder.
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I really like the idea of the computer desk with a CAT FILE.

May Mandy loved the computer when she was young but since 6 months of age isn't so fascinated. Will often come in and lie on chair next to my computer chair & just curls up and naps.

When about 4 monnths old we had a terrible week. She bit through modem cord three times, the phone cord three times and 'killed' four computer mice. I told her she was getting to be too expensive for me to keep her if she didn't settle down. (I think she knew that was an idle threat).

Now is pretty much bored with the whole thing. Just now jumped up on the chair to nap while waiting for me to get off the computer.
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When the computer was next to the window, Minnosh used to sit on the screen. She would sit there until I went to my bed !..Then we moved to a different place, Yumosh came into our lives & we bought a flat screen ! So no one can sit on top of the screen ! Yumosh sits either on my computer desk (so I put her bed on my desk !) or on my hubby's laptop !..She likes chasing the cursor & listens to the amplifiers when there's something playing...Minnosh however left her place to Yumosh; she now sits on the ironing board next to me

This is Minnosh
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And this is Yumosh
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oh my gosh!!! those pictures are precious!
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My "kid" Patches likes to get on her hind legs to scratch at the glass
computer screen. She can do it too, because my computer is on my bedroom floor.
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Well, first Opie will jump up on my lap, get his lovin and when he's had enough he'll either sit in his chair next to me...I call him my co-pilot or he'll sit right above the computer on the window sill so he could have a birds eye view on what I'm up to.

Sharky could care less about the computer or anything that makes stupid noises :LOL:...he'll pick a place where he's nice and comfy, Job's the same way except he's still very shy. Ninya hates the indoors except for when it rains and that holds same with Brown Brown and Elvis.

Love &,
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Praise the iMac! There is no flat surface for them to sit on!
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Marina Mar likes to sit on the back of the chair. Casey likes to sit on my lap with his paws around my neck. Mollie Rose likes to lay across the desk in front of the keyboard. What a bunch!
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When Merlin was little, he would climb up onto my lap, while I was online, and keep putting his paws on the keyboard!
But now that he is almost a year old....he doesn't bother me when I am on the computer, unless he wants fed, or let out...then he will come rub up against my legs!
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I have 3 cats and Silver my oldest (13) just sits on the bed and does what she does best, sleep.
Jasmine my siamese, cries until she ends up in my lap rubs her head on the keyboard then becomes the lap kitty with her head laying across my arm making it hard for me to move the mouse or type. then Buttons my most curious cat bites my toes, jumps on the back of my chair pulls my hair with her teeth, brings me her toys and rubs in and out of my feet meowing until she gets the attention she wants. Then she rest on top of the computer dest with tail hanging down.
Can't help but love them!
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Hero lays on the computer desk just to the left of the keyboard. He naps most of the time, but will occassionally look up at me as if to say "when are you going to get off the computer and play with me".
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you must be a gladiator fan?
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The two of mine like to walk across the keyboard and look at the screen and try to catch any movement on the monitor.

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My Chloe is such a little attention mongour. When we work at the computer table, which is also where we prepare our bills, she'll jump up and walk back and forth and back in forth in front of the screen and on top of everything. She is very good at either stopping and laying down right on top of my paperwork, or going to an open drawer and trying to pick all of the contents out of it. She loves attention when I am intentionally ignoring her trying to get something done, but I can't help but break down and give it to her!!

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Dear Vlinder:angel2:

I totally agree, if there's something that I need, I can count on Opie to sit on it and then put up a fight to keep it as I'm pulling it out from under him...what a riot he is! The worse I need it the bigger the fight. It must be an innate trait! :laughing2

Love, Peace &
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Sunniday, my BIG FAT BLACK cat will come running as soon as I sit down at the computer desk and jump up on the desk. After getting up on the Desk, she will walk back and forth for a few minutes blocking my view of the WHOLE monitor (that shows how big and fat she is!)then she'll lay down on whatever I am currently working on such as bills or papers. She'd lean her head on my hands as I type on the keyboard making it hard for me to move my fingers. She knows I am a sucker for this because whenever she does this, I always end up petting her and forgetting about the computer.

One thing she ALWAYS do on the computer desk which I really LOVE is she'd PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR so loud that I can feel the desk and keyboard vibrate with her purring. (I am deaf so I can't hear purring but can feel though!

Zebra, my black/white striped cat will come and knead on the back of my chair to get my attention, weave around my ankles and swat away at Sunni's tail. She also will sometimes jump up on the computer desk sqeezing in next to Sunni (desk isn't that big!)and explore my drawers and cubbyholes on the desk.

Zebra also PURRRSSS loudly whenever I pick her up to give her attention but after a few minutes of being held, she will start wiggling to be put down and explore OR RUN AROUND THE APT BOUNCING OFF THE FURNITURE, WALLS, AND ME! She is still a kitten so she's still at that stage of being very curious!
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I enjoy reading the posts on what everyone's
furbabies do! It is amazing how they all have
different personalities. You never know what
they might do to get your attention while you
are typing on the computer!
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It's not just when I'm on the computer either... it's like, if I study or prepare a sunday school lesson then she'll plop right on top of all my papers beside me!! And clothing too... if I'm changing and lay something on the bed.. she's on it in two seconds. I bought my graduation gown home yesterday after work and *PLOP* there she was trying to attack the button that holds the tassle on my hat and then clawing at the gown when I took it away! Such pushy little creatures they are when they want attention! It's so dear to my heart to watch her try her hardest to get us to notice her!

Does your's do that too?
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Most of my cats ignore me while I`m on the computer. Sometimes they sleep on the bed, which is behind the desk chair. However K.C. likes to lay on my shouldars while I am on the computer and rub his whiskers on my face. Ferris has been known to take a stroll across the keyboard. In a chatroom I used to frequent, everyone was familiaar with Ferris and his frequent strolls. I would usually send out whatever message he made, and everyone would graciously greet Ferris with a big "HELLO"
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My cat use the computer mouse as her pillow and sleep.
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Hi Vlinder :angel2:

I hear ya!! :laughing2 Oh, I only know too well how that is. It's like they can't wait for you to lay something down so they can lay on it! :laughing2...I love my guys...I don't care about a little bit of cat hair...oh yeah, something really funny happened one time when Opie sat on an estimate I drew up for a customer. Well, he didn't want to just sit on it. He liked the crinkle sound of the paper, so he decided he'd play with the paper and he wound up wrinkling this long estimate I did for this, I was up at 5:00 am...looking for this estimate, found it and had to iron it! :laughing2 he's so bad! What can I say, all I could do was laugh!

Love, Peace &
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