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Wife and I just discovered this site, and we suspect it will be both helpful and fun. We are retired, and live on a beach in Texas. We have always owned cats, but after recently losing a pair of Burmese to old age we now have only a charming calico all-breed, who adopted us as a feral kitten. We are expecting to shortly receive a new addition, a Grand Champion Turkish Van cat, a breed to which we were only recently introduced. They are fascinating cats, and we would love to hear from other Turkish Van keepers, to help us get started on the right foot. All the best, Jim
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Welcome to the community James! Turkish Vans are intriguing cats to be sure. I don't know anyone off the top of my head that owns one that belongs to this board. But you can always talk to the Breeder's Forum and ask there, or go to our sister site and look up the breed and contact other breeders. Most breeders love to talk to people about the breed of their choice.
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Welcome to the boards!
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Welcome to the site Jim! Congrats on the upcoming new addition to your family!

We would love to hear more about both cats. I have a real soft spot for calicos, and ferals for that matter. Turkish Vans are SO pretty too.
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Welcome to the site Jim, and have a great stay!.

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Hi there! Welcome to TCS
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Welcome! Looks like I'm going to be the first to say We like PICTURES!!!
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Welcome to TCS and enjoy your stay .

I sure 2nd that , we like pictures in here and show off our kitties
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Welcome! I am sure you will have great fun on here, and learn a whole lot about cats.
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Wow! You have sure made Ann and me welcome. You may be assured that We will post a photo of our new Turkish Van, Samwise Gamgee, AKA "Sam," as soon as he arrives. It could be a couple of months. We have so enjoyed looking at your photos. Is there anything more charming than these lovely critters?
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To TCS,so nice to live on a beach,where I am from it is very cold...
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Welcome to TCS Jim and family. Turkish vans are great cats, and you may or may not know but have an unusual love of water. Good luck!!
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Ooops did you press new thread instead of reply? Never mind they can merge. Sam what a great name! Can't wait to see him.
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Welcome Jim,Ann and family. I envy the beach bit - v.cold over here! Will you have probs keeping the Van away from the sea
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Howdy, Tulip. We do hope that is not a problem, although we are told by the breeder that he does join her in the bath and occasionally climbs into his water dish. Sam apparently has the notable propensity of "the swimming cat." We must take care here to keep our cats indoors, as we have coyotes and bobcats in the wild on our Texas beach, and there are no trees for cats to climb to escape predators While we are indeed having a fine near 70 deg. F. day, soon it will be spring in Warwickshire and we will then in turn envy your lovely locale. We do appreciate your kind note. We look forward to posting a photo of Samwise upon his arrival. Best regards, Jim & Ann
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Hi, Jim and Ann, and welcome to the forums! Hope you have a lot of fun here.
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Welcome to TheCatSite. I have a Burmese cat, (Beau). Felicia is my domestic shorthaired cat.
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