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Our Worst TNR Ever

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Kevin & I trapped a cat in the park the other night to have neutered. Everything went well, he was neutered, ear-tipped, etc. Normally when we release a cat it runs for dear life when we open the trap door. This cat would not leave! It was the saddest thing. He kept coming to Kevin, stood by our car, and when we started driving off, ran after us. This was the hardest release we’ve ever done! We both felt so bad leaving him behind. TNR is a great thing for the most part, but this kind of stuff just breaks your heart!
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oh gosh Lisa, I would have taken him with me! I know you don't need another one, but perhaps this one was telling you he is special? It does break your heart.

Two years ago, we had a strange female appear out of the middle of nowhere carrying something in her mouth- at first we thought it was a baby possum. Turned out to be a kitten. She walked from the back of our property (we had never seen her before) went into the shop and jumped on a startled Mike's lap, dropped the kitten in his hands, and then took off back to the creek! She did this four times- we were incredulous! Mike now had a lapful of tiny kittens barely a week old. We took them up to the house, with Mom following and brought the whole family up to the cat room. All the while Mike is going "Do you know this cat?" I did not nor did he!

About 5:00 that night mom started making a heck of a racket and I went to the stairs, she was at the door clawing to get out. I looked at Mike, then decided to take the chance and opened it. She literally flew past all the other cats, out the cat door and vanished to the outside. About 45 minutes later we heard her meowing so we went outside and she was once again carrying a kitten! Only this time, she was struggling as this was the BIGGEST kitten I had ever seen. I went over and picked the baby up, looked at her and said "Is this it?" She followed me back to the house, up the stairs, where she reunited all the babies. We were still beyond amazed at all of this.

A few days later, I went upstairs to find her dead next to her babies. Somehow, she must have known that she was going to die and she wanted her kittens to be safe. All the kittens went on to grow up healthy and strong and were rehomed to loving kitty parents. I think if I were you, I would go back and get that stray.
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Oh Lisa, how heartwrenching! Poor baby.
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OMG Lisa...I would have been crying like a baby! My little heart just can't handle stuff like that. In fact I have tears in my eyes right now after reading your's and Mary Anne's posts. Poor baby!
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Oh my, I wish I lived in Arizona.

Hissy, your story was so touching. That mama loved her kittens.
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Oh that is so said I would have taken him with me maybe you can go back and check on him. I know you have your fill but maybe he is speical.
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Believe me, it was not easy to cart him back home! We're at our limit of 17 cats both financially and lack of space! We will work on trying to find this guy a home. He's beautiful, in fact, I think I posted his picture here. I will again:

Hissy, what a touching story! It breaks my heart reading it!
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Aww, Im sorry houseofcats, I know how heartbreaking it is when you just cant take care of another. We too are filled, both space and financially wise. So I know how just going over and getting him is much easier said then done. It was great that you were able to fix him though and maybe you will get lucky and be able to hook him up with a home ...I will send positive vibes for both of you

OMG Hissy thats an amazing story! Brought tears to my eyes and just fasincates me that the momma knew intuitively not only that she was dying, but where her babies would be safe. More and more everybday I am made aware of how special kitties are

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He is such a pretty cat, it seems like he really wants to be with people. I hope you can find him a home. The running after the car thing makes me really teary eyed.
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Perhaps you can foster him until you can find him a home? I agree with MA - he is going after you for a reason!

I had 3 similar stories with moms and their kittens. The first brought her 1 week old kittens onto my front porch where we built them a shelter. She too came out of nowhere. She disappeared without a trace 2 weeks later and left us her kittens to take care of.

The second mom came out of no where and had her kittens on my front porch where we built a shelter for them. She was killed 10 days later and we feel that she knew she was going to die and wanted her kittens to be cared for.

The third time was when a mom brought her kittens up to our house (from the woods out back of the house) when she sensed a storm was coming. We built a shelter FAST and a tornado hit a few hours later. The mom did come back after the storm, but unfortunately these were sick with FeLV.

Cats have a sense about them that we can't begin to understand. I simply accept that they are telling me something and just take care of them when they do.

btw....this guy could be the twin of my first feral rescue Sebastian who became my bed buddy. He always had a wild side about him, but he was the most beautiful cat you ever wanted to meet!
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Originally posted by Kalikitty
It was great that you were able to fix him though
Kali...believe it or not, Lisa (houseofcats) has trapped and neutered over 90 cats who live in that park! So this new one was just one of many she has helped in this way.
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Bless you all for doing what you do!
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Aw that made me teary eyed, I wouldn't be able to that I'd be rushing back to get him.

Mary anne your story was amazing!
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