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Has anybody tried the new Pretty Litter? It is suppose to detect health issues before any symptoms are visible. Scam or a God send for our fur babies?
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being neurotic enough already with Midi I am  not sure this would be healthy for me

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I'm trying to wrap my head around how 3 lbs lasts a month...


I think it's a marketing tactic more than anything else. With the regular clumping litter, I can tell by the size of my cats' "pee-patties" if something is up. If they have a UTI, a lot of times they let us know by going outside of the litter box or other methods. 


I still can't get over them saying 3 lbs will last a month without changing it at all.

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I know what you mean Zed. I m the same way with Psycho. I weigh his pee and put the time he pees each day in a diary. The Litter Box Diaries haha. I ve done this for a year sine he had his UTI so I can keep track. He pees every 12 hrs 6 & 6 about 5-6 ounces and poops every other day. The Vet laughs and shakes his head.
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My cat has UTI and is currently on medication for it. Would you be able to give me some advice on what to do, he has never had any sort of infection before so it gave me quite the scare.

I noticed on Sunday he had been using the litter tray more than usual and had specks of blood (jelly like substance) the vet gave him some antiboitics and some medication for me to give him.

Did your cat experience it more than once? How long did it take for your fur baby to recover? And do you know the cause?

I'm still trying to figure out what caused my little monkey the infection.

Sorry to pry, i am a worrier when it comes to my monkey.

Thank you! Ava
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Hi Avalina,
I am sorry your kitty has a UTI. I am a worrier too about my fur baby so I understand and you are not prying. It is no fun for your kitty or for you. Psycho had it last year at this time and it took about a month or two for him to get back to normal. He had it 2 x in a week and was in and out of the vet 3 x in 2 weeks.
I think lack of moisture in his diet caused it. I feed him wet and dry food but given the choice he eats dry. Since then I bought a fountain which he loves. It s called a Cat Mate and it is very quiet. He drank out of it the first day. Moisture in the diet is key according to my vet. Psycho was on antibiotics for 10 days too which made him nausea so we had a food issue as well.
All is fine now so your monkey will come through this just fine. I joined this site right after this happened and it is a great place to learn and talk with others about different issues. I hope you enjoy the site and let me know how your fur baby is doing.
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Thank you for your reply @psychomama

My vet said stress could be the reason why Phoenix has a UTI, there is a new cat in the neighbourhood. But I'm not too sure, so I'm ruling out every other possible cause. He only eats dry food because wet food causes him irritation and he gets sick and has diarrhea (got very pleasant as you can imagine) so I make sure he has enough water in his diet and often give him tuna as a treat which he loves.

I'm just worried about this UTI coming back, at the moment he seems to be fine, which is probably due to the vet trip we made on Monday and the medication starting to kick in. He still seems to lick his private area after peeing. Which I guess is because it's still painful.
But if he doesn't fully seem alright and the licking continues, I'll have to ring my vet and ask or definitely take him in for a further check.

Thank you!
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@psychomama did your kitty also strain after having the medication?

Phoenix will pee completely fine and the normal amount twice (so early morning and late evening) but then will try to pee during the morning and only have small amounts of pee or nothing at all.. And then will lick his area. So I'm not sure if that's normal. I'm sill giving him his medication in the morning and when I spoke to the vet last night she said that it'll take around a week for him to recover but if he doesn't pee at all then to bring him back.

I am totally clueless about what to do. And at the moment all I'm doing is watching him like a hawk and making sure he is eating and drinking fine and there isn't any blood in his pee.

Thank you for your help.

Ava and Phoenix
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Yes stress is definitely an issue. We boarded Psycho for 2 days about a month before this happened due to my father in law passing in another part of the state and I think that had something to do with it. Perhaps it s a combination of this that causes UTI and not just one. Keep me posted 🙏🏻 for you and your monkey.
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I will, thank you! I appreciate the help!!

I need all the prayers I can get, so my little monkey can be UTI free and back to his normal springy self!

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