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Leaves kibble crumbs...

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I know this is a silly question, but does anyone else's cat disregaurd the little bits of kibble crumbs at the bottom of their bowl? My cats will eat half the bowl, and once the kibble is tiny and broken, they wait for me to change it. I hate wasting so much food!
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Then don't waste it. Leave it until they eat it. Mix it with tuna juice or broth or something, and give it to them. Catering to what they want sometimes creates finicky eaters.
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All the time!!.
Even her packets of cat treats that i get her, if the crumbs of them are at the bottom, i pour them into the palm of my hand,along with a couple of unbroken treats, but she still leaves the crumbs, and their not that small either!!!

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Yup Loki does too - but I put it outside - I have birds that will eat these left overs - so there is no waste and it fill another empty tummy.
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That is such a great idea! Birdfood! I'll leave it out and see if Einy (Einstein) eats it...if not, on the porch it goes. I just recently put a bird feeder out there and sprinkled my balcony with birdseed. The kitties love to watch there little visitors and I love to see the different kinds of birds that come. I had to male cardinals and three seagulls yesterday! Haha!
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Oh I bet the seagulls will love it!!
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LOL yes, both of my cats do this too
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My cats are exactly the opposite. I swear they are going to lick the glaze off the bowl where I put the food. I come home and there is not a single morsel left anywhere!
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My cats leave crumbs ALL of the time! When I was feeding Solid Gold, there were NEVER any crumbs in the bag, it was always whole pieces. When I put wet food out, they lick up all the gravy (in chunky formulas) and leave the meat!
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OMG Loki does that too - he loves the gravy won't eat the meat cubes. Must be a texture / shape thing..
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Mine will lick the bowl until the crumbs are gone. They are not finicky eaters! Of course there's never a time when all the bowls in the house are empty at the same time, but if one gets low, it is licked clean.
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Many cats seem to do this - perhaps just to test their owners & see if they are paying attention . If it happens routinely you might want to try feeding a little less & see if they clean up the bowl. If this is a new behavior, check your cat's mouth for bad odors, teeth that look bad, red, inflamed gums, etc. Deb E
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