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Thought I'd brag a bit....

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Hi ya'll,

I haven't posted much lately, been kinda busy, and it does seem a bit slow here lately, anyway...

You know last weekend a bunch of us went to the cat show in middletown, and you got updates on Rene and Frannies kitties, so I thought I give up the info in Rhiann, our Munchkin, Antarctica, Sammy and Tinkerbell.

Annie showed against her sisters and didn't do to well.. seems hissing at the judges isn't the best way to behave, she wasn't going to tear them up or anything, just little hisses.. oh well.

Tinkerbell and Sammy did okay, not spectacular, but okay, accruing points for the end of the year.
Rhiann on the other hand did very well, she showed against her sister as well, but ended up tying for second best kitten in show.
The big thing we realized when we got home was that she's only been in 3 shows this season so far; capturing 3 best kitten in show at her 1st one... the second show they didn't do a best in show, and you know about the 3rd. So far she's accumulated over 1000 points.

Soooooo.... as a favour to a friend, this weekend Sandie has been showing Rhiann at a TICA show in Sturbridge MA. 7 rings each day in the new breed catagory (they are not yet accepted for championship yet in TICA). Yesterday, out of 7 rings she placed 1st in 4 rings, 2nd in 2 rings and 4th in one ring (personally I think the judge was stoned, but that's just my opinion). I don't know yet how she's doing so far today, but I hope she'll do just as well as yesterday. Needless to say, as Rhiann is a Munchkin of our own breeding, we are pretty happy with her!
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I had to stay home this weekend waiting for our queen Purty Girl to have her first litter. After much reassurance from me, she was pretty scared about what was happenning, she finally started about 4 oclock. Much to my dismay, the first one came out tail first, which is really common, except the next thing to come out was a leg, so there she is with a tail and leg delivered when she decides the queening box is not where she wants to be. Luckily I placed a towel in the litter box, cuz that's where she ended up. After having a contraction or two there she went back to her queening box where she struggled for about 10 minutes but finally delivered the baby. Having been in the canal for such a long time, the little one required a little centrifical force to expell the fluid from it's lungs so it could breath, but after that Mommy took over and did the rest. While she was cleaning up this little darling baby number two was delivered without a hitch, slick as you please.

So we are now the proud grand parents of a red and white Munchkin male, at least I'm almsot sure he's a he, and a very pretty creme and white non-standard Munchkin male (i think).

She's doing a great job being a first time Mom, it's really very cute watching dote over them so much.. anyway, hopefully the next litter will be a bit larger, but we are proud of her none the less.

here's a picture of them with momy just a an hour or so old, and if you like to see more of them i'll be posting pics of them on our web site as they grow up.

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Beautiful! Please post more pics as they grow up!

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This is very exciting and I am so happy for you and your family!
CONGRATULATIONS on two purrfect and exquisite grandchildren!
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Sorry to burst your bubble, but I posted about the kittens last night. I don't sleep well lately becasue I'm so excited about moving home that the computer has become a very close friend. Don't be mad at me (it's posted in the breeders section of the forums) and as for today's show, I spoke with Rene and know what's going on but I'll let them tell you. Anyway, have you walked to get my newspaper yet (Sandie said that she was going to send you to get one). Oh, I can't wait to come home. Let's all pray that this house sells quickly as Rene has Clint going to look for houses this week. Anyway, contrats on becoming a grandparent. It's such fun.

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that is all wonderful news! I don't go to the breeders forum so I didn't see it before. I don't think there is a lot of traffic there so most people that frequent the lounge are probably reading your good news for the first time.

I love it that you have already posted pictures! Isn't technology grand?!?

keep the pics coming & I will check out your website.
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Ken and Sandie; Congrats on becoming "Grandparents" I know how scary fist-time litters can be. Especially with a small stature breed like Munchkins. I am so happy that Mom and the two "boys" are doing well. Loved the Nursery Photo!
Can't wait to see more.

Also, Kudos to Rhiann!

(what, exactly, does it take before the Munchkin is accepted for Championship by the TICA ?)

Best of luck in future shows.
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Congratulations on the new arrivals. How sweet!! Can't wait to see more pics as they grow.
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Rhiann did very well at the show today. She ended up winning Best New breed of the year (northeast region).Although it did not count for actual points, it counts because we work very hard to make sure we have happy healthy babies.
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Those are the two of the most precious babies!!! I haven't seen little ones that tiny in so long. Purty Girl seems so proud and rightly so...Congratulations!!

Love &,
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Ken & Sandie:

Congradulations! I can't wait to see the new babies!
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Ken and Sandie,

I've visited your site numerous times and I absolutely ADORE your cats. I had never seen or even heard of munchkins until going there and I fell head over heels for them.

Your babies are beautiful.

*pouts* I wish I could have a munchkin Craig says "no more cats!!!" but I so bad want a munchkin and a bengal. I'm working on him.. but I don't think its doing any good
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Ken and Sandie,

Congratulations on your two new little ones. They are precious! Can't wait to see them in person.

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Ken and Sandie!!!!!!!! Congratulations on winning and also on those adorable babies!!!!!!!! That orange and white one has already stolen my heart!

It is so cool that you both love cats so much, and that you both love each other so much!!!!!! I wish my hubby was like that!!!!! (as far as loving the cats so much)
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These 2 little Munchkin boys will be 7 days old tomorrow night during the 6 O'clock hour
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They are so cute. I am so glad that the red and white one is taken otherwise I would be really tempted!
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they are the sweetest looking things!

thanks for posting the pic.
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Thanks AP and Michele!!
Michele, they are both taken at the moment. The one new owner has Rhiann's sister and just adopted a rescue from Rene. The other is a sweet girl with 5 ferrets and a rescued Greyhound. They are growing so fast. I will take pics as they grow.
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Sooooooooo cute!! They look like little.
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I just love the photographs! Congratulations!

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At 11 days they can finally see a little
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Oh, Sandie. They are just too cute. I love the orange and white one. It's so neat when their eyes open, they look like they're unzipping. Please let us see more as they grow.
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Very cute babies! I love kittens so much. I bet it is fun to see them grow up.
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awwwwwww :pinky:

I love little kittens! They are so precious Sandie
Have fun!!!

Love, Peace &
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