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Help!! My boys don't get along!

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I have 3 cats...two males and a female. All are fixed. The two oldest, a male and a female, who are both 6, have grown up together since kittens. When they were 3, I inherited the youngest male, who is now 3. Just in the last two months, my oldest male, Nitro, has been attacking my youngest male, Jake. They've always hissed at each other, but nothing like this. Jake's tail actually infected so bad, he had to have it operated on. (This took place at the beginning of December) We had quite the time with Jake during his recovery. He got out of his cone numerous times, and ripped the staples out of his tail. He had to be re-stapled 3 times. He's a sweetheart, and you can't help but love him, but he's very very hyper. Tonight I noticed that he has two more scabs on his tail, the result of another bite from Nitro I'm assuming. Nitro is a very laid back cat, the type who disappears whenever anybody opens the front door. I don't know what to do to try and these cats to get along!!

Any one else have this type of problem?


P.S. Nitro and Jake both get along great with Gizmo, the female.
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Patti has Jake been completely checked over by a vet? Sometimes the resident cats know, long before us humans do that a cat is ill and the cat that is ill lets off a different scent causing the attacks.

Another scenario is that Jake might have gotten the better of Nitro in a fight while you were not around, and he is retaliating.

A couple things you can try is invest in a feliway comfort zone room diffuser for the room the cats spend the majority of their time in.'

If you have a certain scent that you wear all the time, you can spray your perfume into the air, stick your arms in the spray, rub your hands on a towel and quickly wipe down ALL the cats.

You can take a clean towel, and rub down each cat in turn and transfer their scents around.

You can also use vanilla extract to make them all smell the same. Put just a dab under their chins, between their shoulders and on the base of their tails 3 times a day.

Also investigate the flower essences by Bach- you can go to catfairies.com and check out the information they provide and pick the appropriate scent. My suggestion would be either Holly or Impatience for Nitro.
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Thanks for a few ideas!!

I'll have to see if I can find the Comfort Zone in Canada. That sounds like it may help as well. As for tommorrow, I'll dab all three of them with vanilla before I go to work.
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I have the same problem but not as bad. Neko is 11 months old, and Onyx is 2, Onyx came after we got Neko. They used to play all the time but now whenever Neko goes near Onyx or even looks at him Onyx goes crazy and starts hissing and growling, which in turn makes Neko want to chase him. We thought it was because Neko was intact, but now that he is fixed, he still does it! I have tried spraying them with a water bottle but they don't mind it and just give me a weird look. Any suggestions???
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