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Baby with 2 heads

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Did you guys hear the news this morning?? a baby was born with two head in the Domincan Republic??

According to the Medical sources, it was supposed to be twins... but only one developed.

Of course surgery is on the works, but the Dr's don't know how to handle it since it's the first time they encounter such amazing fact!!

I'm sure it's going to be all over the newstands......

read all about it.
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Oh that is so said That just happened in the US, both twins delvoped but they share lungs and a liver and they don't think either one will make it together or apart
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Oh wow! how amazing, thanks for sharing. I hope the baby lives!
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This is just my opinion, but if the doctors don't have any experience in this type of surgery, then they shouldn't attempt it. There must be qualified specialists somewhere who could do this.
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There's a hospital and doctor, in Pennsylvania, with a lot of experience in separating conjoined twins. That's where that recent pair, from Guatemala were separated.
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The Reuters article which was linked in the upper right corner of the article linked above, said this was the 8th time in recorded medical history that this has occurred. From reading that article, it sounds as if the child will at best be seriously impaired if they do nothing, since the additional organ will prevent her own brain from growing normally. What a traumatic thing for the parents this must be. I wonder if they knew in advance that the problem was there by ultrasound, but if they are very poor, the mother may not have even gotten prenatal care.

The longer article said the MD leading the surgical team was the same person who successfully separated Guatemalan twins who were conjoined at the head, although they were brought to UCLA for the operation. (This was back in 2002, not the more recent case.) I hope she has a chance; they don't have to worry about saving 2 children but it is still the brain involved.
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There is a great pediatric neurosurgeon at the Johns Hopkins hospital. His name is Dr. Ben Carson, I read a book that he helped right about his life, it is called "Gifted Hands", it is a very good book if anyone is interested. He was the first to seperate conjoined twins that were joined at the brain.
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Wow, that must have been a shock for the family. I imagine she will be operated on by a team of specialists volunteering their time and skills; that often seems to be the case. BTW, has anybody heard any updates on the conjoined twins from Egypt who were successfully separated?
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My mother-in-law was operated on some 20 years ago or so because of a tumor in her ovaries. A very large tumor it was - benign thankfully. When the doctors got it out they discovered it was what remained of her twin! It had hair and teeth and was the size of a large orange. They even let her see it. How odd is that!
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Believe it or not, there is a woman who had twins, but blood tests showed that - even though she gave birth to them - they were not her children. It turned out that the ovaries that gave the eggs that were fertalized by her husband were really ovaries from her non-identical twin sister who had never completely developed...the twin sister's internal organs were inside the woman who had the babies. Amazing!
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Baby with two heads dies
Sat 7 February, 2004 19:12

By Manuel Jimenez

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (Reuters) - A 7-week-old Dominican girl born with one of the world's rarest birth defects has died, hours after undergoing a delicate operation to remove an undeveloped second head, her doctors say.

Rebeca Martinez died of post-surgical bleeding problems at around 6 a.m. on Saturday, said Dr. Santiago Hazim, medical director of the CURE International Centre for Orthopaedic Specialities in Santo Domingo.

A team of international doctors operated on Martinez for some 12 hours on Friday to remove the second head in what was thought to be the first such operation ever.

The surgery in the capital of the Caribbean nation was led by Dr. Jorge Lazareff, director of paediatric neurosurgery at UCLA's Mattel Children's Hospital, and Dominican surgeons Hazim and Dr. Benjamin Rivera.

Lazareff last year led the surgical team that successfully separated Guatemalan twin girls who were joined at the head.

The doctors had announced the operation was successfully completed late on Friday, but cautioned that the baby would face many risks as she recovered, such as infection or haemorrhaging.

Speaking at a news conference on Saturday with Hazim, the child's parents, Maria Gisela Hiciano and Franklin Martinez, called their daughter's death the will of God and praised the team of 18 doctors who carried out the surgery.


"If there is one grade above super excellent, it belongs to this team of doctors," the father said. Both parents appeared calm and resigned to their daughter's death.

Franklin Martinez said he had been aware from the start that the surgery would carry risks.

"We hoped we would have Rebeca alive today, but God did not want this to be so, and we respect His will," he said.

The baby was born in mid-December at a hospital in Santo Domingo with the head of an undeveloped twin attached to the top of her skull, facing upward. The infant was otherwise healthy but her brain could not develop normally unless the undeveloped head was removed.

The $100,000 (54,150 pound) operation was offered free to the parents.

The girl's condition, cranio pagus parasiticus, is so rare that there have only been eight documented cases in the world, and no known previous cases where surgery was attempted to correct it, Hazim told Reuters before the surgery.

Conjoined twins form when an embryo begins to split into identical twins and then stops, leaving them fused. Rarer "parasitic" twins occur when one conjoined twin stops developing in the womb, leaving a smaller, incomplete twin that is dependent on the other.

The second twin can form as an extra limb, torso or head, or as a complete second body, lacking vital organs.

In Rebeca's case, there was a gap in her skull where the heads were joined, and the blood vessels were intertwined. The vestigial head was enlarged and fringed with dark hair like Rebeca's but had a poorly developed brain and only rudimentary facial features.

HOW sad.
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Originally posted by Anne
My mother-in-law was operated on some 20 years ago or so because of a tumor in her ovaries. A very large tumor it was - benign thankfully. When the doctors got it out they discovered it was what remained of her twin! It had hair and teeth and was the size of a large orange. They even let her see it. How odd is that!
Anne that's a rarity and it's called a teratoma. They lie dormant for years and, for some unknown reason, they suddenly start to grow. I hope that it was saved and used as a teaching tool. Most surgeons never see one.

I read about the baby. Hopefully, what they learned from this one, can be used for the next. With a baby that young and such a long operation, the odds were against her. Without the surgery, though, her chances were nil. If she had been mine, I'd have opted for the surgery.
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I had already gotten the news... things that happen in our sister nation get quickly here... its so saddening that she would not live...

BTW: Those who were doubting about the doctor's experience, it was one of the best hospitals in the caribbean... with a set of international doctors. Very often, when there is say, only two doctors in a particular region who know about it then they start gathering them on it.
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There is a series on the Discovery channel called "lost twins" or something like that. Last weekend, they had the one about the parasitic twins ... kind of gross, yet sad, but definitely intersting to watch. There was a 7 year old in Kazakstan that had a tumor in his stomach and when they removed it, it was his parasitic twin .... it was a mass of hair and stuff.
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so sad...my prayers go out to the family
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