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fighting with brother

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I returned after a 4 day vacation to find my fixed male (indoor only cat)scratched severely. And for the last 6 months the female has been fighting every day with him even though he is very passive. Did he do something to her that she just won't forgive? They used to play and sleep together, but now she is upsetting what used to be a peaceful home. Any suggestions?
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Sometimes this happens with cats. Usually the less agressive gets beat up. You may want to take the aggressor to the vet for a through check up. Sometimes cats will get agressive when they aren't feeling well. It is a natural defense so other cats don't think they are ill. If there is nothing physically wrong, then you may have to seperate them for ahwile. I have never had to do this, but some experts suggest taking the aggressor to a kennel for a week and then bring them back and only let them into one room. Then they can sniff under the door for another week. Let the aggressor out and see if they have decided it's not worth it to attack the other one. Hope this helps!!
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I had the exact same problem with siblings from the same litter (brother and sister) fighting. My female is the more aggressive I have discovered, and would hiss and growl at her brother after he retuned from getting neutered. They would sleep, eat, and groom each other constantly before this problem arose. So I seperated them, for his saftey and kept her in the bathroom and gave her time to cool down. It took a couple of days to let them sniff each other and miss each other...eventually what was once hissing from under the door became little meows like before. When I eventually let her out she hissed a couple of times but that was the end of it. It has been 2 weeks now and they are back to normal.
Dont worry your loving kitties will love each other again soon...
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