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Boomer's home/landlord issue

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Hi everyone! Boomer spent last night at the animal hospital after getting neutered. So $100 later, he's got all of his shots, a feline leukemia test done, an exam and neutering and he's set for the year now! Poor guy has slept all day, just getting his energy back. He was so happy to get home again.

I live in a duplex and we went to apply for the pet permit for our housing today. They went over the pet policy and it turns out that they have a clause in their policy stating that all cats have to be de-clawed with veterinarian verification. I about flipped. I will *NOT* de claw my cat and told them that it is inhumane. So now I've got to write a letter to them requesting they review that clause in the policy and asking to not have to do it. I won't even if they say I have to....I just won't do it. I"m going to print off some info tonight with info about declawing and the Humane Society's disapproval of it, etc. and attach that to my request. For heaven's sake, it's against the law in other countries and in some parts of the US....

Anyone else come up against something like this?? Any suggestions on how to win them over?



momma to Boomer...the seven toed cat!
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It's possible that your landlord doesn't understand what declawing a cat actually involves, and needs to be educated about it. I think your plan to print out anti-declaw information is good, but you may want to print out some information about the safe alternatives to declawing such as Soft Paws too.
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Good luck, I hope you win this fight, not just for yourselves and Boomer, but for all future tenants and cats!!!!
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If you email me I will put you in touch with someone who can guide you in writing a powerful arguement about this clause-

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I can't remember but it was someone here at TCS who had, had this issue before it might have been Sicy.. Hmm can't remember but I know there was someone, anyways they might come on and reply.

I have no advice for you but to wish you tonnes of luck!!
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In a nice way tell them that if they want your cat declawed then they should cut off their finger tips as well, you know, just so they can understand how it feels

Anyways good luck with this fight!
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Unbelievable. Hope you get them to change there policy.
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For links to more information you can use, not only on what declawing (or de-toeing as we call it on Stray Pet Advocacy), but also on alternatives, please check out: http://www.straypetadvocacy.org/html/declaw_detoe.html

Be sure to mention that many cats that are declawed, especially those declawed at older than a year, tend to develop behavioral problems - one of the most common being inappropriate elimination. I'm sure your landlord doesn't want to have to replace all of the carpeting and flooring because they forced declawing and kitty won't use the litterbox because of the pain following the surgery!
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I think you should just print out some photos of the precedure. If that doesnt faze them then nothing will. It makes me so mad that they want you to do that...they should just make people sign a contract that any claw damage will be payed for.
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What is wrong with some people????. All they can think about is their precious furniture!.

You really must print those pictures to go with your letter.


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If the apartment complex doesn't want to budge on this, perhaps a concession that tenants with cats will use Soft Paws or regularly clip their claws? I do a lot of negotiating at work and sometimes having that concession handy will win your case. It looks like others have provided the arguments for not de-toeing so won't offer more there.

Good luck! This really stinks!
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That is crazy! What's next asking tenants to cut their childrens hands off so they don't write on the walls. Sometimes it's just so easy for landlords to make up the rules without thinking them through. I hope it all works out for you and Boomer.
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