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Kitty vs Man

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I've been planning and dreaming about my own cattery for a couple of years now. I've been reading books, plotting layouts and generally educating myself for the day when I have my own place to make my plans a reality.

Then of course I meet someone. Someone who is allergic to cats. Each day we get closer my heart grows a little more fearful. How can my dreams be realised if I'm with someone who can't be around cats??? Have any of you ever experienced this problem and overcome it? Cattery aside, I have a little bengal boy who is coming with me wherever I go, no exceptions.
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I guess if it were me dreams are important to me, making that goal and then achiving it. If Drew (my man) was allergic to cats we probably never would have gone this far because animals are a huge part of my life. As for your situation, can he take meds to help his alergy? or is it to strong? I mean there are ways to get around it, and if he really truly cares for you, then he'll search for a way to get around things when the time comes so both your dream and his dream of being with out can happen.....just my two sense tho
Good luck with it.
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My cats come first
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Toby comes first too. I just hope it doesn't come to that!
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I would have to go with my cats if it was me but it's really up to you. Good luck with whatever desicion you make.
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I dated a guy who was allergic to Spike, but when he would stay with me, he would just take Zyrtec and had no problems.
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My husband is allergic to cats... and we have two!

I think there is a special shampoo you can use and also taking allergy pills helps. I guess it depends on how severe the allergy is and if you are thinking of longhair cats or shorthairs..
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I don't know how far you in your relationship with your b/f right now . I would wait and see how everything will go and go from there . You are still young and having a cattery later on in life when you are settled and finacial stable is really the better way to go . I know going to a show with a cat is not cheap , if you think about traveling and hotel cost . Also having kittens with your choice of breed is costly .
I just visited a breeder in Florida a couple of weeks ago with my husband together and that person has the cattery in a differend building . Only the queens who will have the kittens soon will be in the bedroom where the person sleeps .
So there are always ways to go around some allergy problems . You still can dream your dream
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There's no way i would give up Rosie!.
Stock up on allergy tablets for him

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It is a bit of a toughie although I am sure I would not give up my lot for some bloke however lovely! But it is not the issue really is it - your dreams are always your dreams and maybe he can help you there. Your not opening tomorrow are you so keep planning and if he is part of this then thats great - you just work something out. If not then you have had a nice time (hopefully) and move on. Decisions do not have to made until they need to be.
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We're not exactly planning the wedding or anything, we could end up breaking up in a week. But I just want to know if it's possible to have your cake and eat it too. From your responses it seems that it may just be.

I haven't introduced him to Toby yet, I hear bengals make some individuals have less of an allergic reaction or in some cases MORE.
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I wouldn't give up my dream for my boyfriend or anybody.. cos I believe that if they really love you, they should encourage you to pursue your dream and support you. I have met couples whose husbands are allergic to cats but still have cats at home... it's possible...
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If you and he are meant to be he will support you and you'll both find a way to deal with the allergies.
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I was allergic to cats when the first one demanded to be let in my life. 16 years later, I still have the cat, and I still sneeze once in awhile, but it didn't take me long to build up a tolerance.
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Does he not like cats? Or does he like them but is just allergic?
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My daughter and I both have allergies to cats. That said, of course we just had to have a cat!! We've both started taking allergy medication and are happily living with our very much loved cat Solaman. We occasionally sneeze and itch but Solaman more than makes up for our discomfort with purrs and head-butts.
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Many people who are allergic to cats are able to have a cat or cats because they take medication, build up a tolerance, or ban a lot of textiles in their home and have a very close relationship with their vacuum cleaner (like me). For others, the allergy can be fatal. I'm speaking from personal experience. My brother died of a cat-induced asthma attack. His apartment building had central hot-air heating, and a woman with three Persians moved into the apartment next to his on a Saturday. He had the attack the following Wednesday night. He could not interact with cats, could only visit after the cat or cats had been confined to a bedroom, and the entire house thoroughly cleaned and aired. So it really depends on how severe the allergy is.
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