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I am getting my own apartment

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As you all know, my husband left me, well for the first time in my life I am going to live all by myself in my own apartment with just my purr babies. I am hoping anyways as long as my credit app goes through, which it should. This apartment is so much smaller though, I am excited and scared all at the same time. I feel so sheltered being 25 and about to live on my own for the very first time!!! Also I am still looking for a job, there is nothing out there right now and I am going to have to probably work 2 jobs. but that is ok, I know that I can make it on my own.
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You've got the right attitude to make it! You're right - you CAN do it!!

Just remember, for every ending there is a new beginning. This is a new beginning for you to make something completely YOURS. No compromising anything (well, except for what the landlord insists on. ).
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Sounds like you've got a plan! Good for you! Think of the adventure you can have!
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Good luck hun
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You will LOVE it. I didnt live by myself until I was 26. Same situation as you.. lived w/parents then lived w/boyfriend and let me tell you it was such a wonderful feeling to live all by myself, do whatEVER I want, come and go as I please, etc. And I didnt even have cats at the time. You'll be just FINE
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Good luck!! We're all rooting for you, come and talk if you ever need it. be strong!
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Good luck! Keep your chin up and be proud of yourself. You will do just fine!
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I have a feeling once you get situated you will in due time love it. I also plan on moving out on my own this year (towards the end). Cat lovers can handle anything!!! Have fun.
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You DO seem to have a great attitude and that is just what you need! I loved the years in college and right after when I wasn't living with my parents or with any boyfriend, it's a good time to set some personal goals and really achieve them. Scary but also so exciting!

Good luck with moving in and finding a job, just stay positive!
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Good luck! We all know you will be ok and do great. A change might actually be good for you..to get you're mind off things.
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You'll be fine, honestly!.

There's just Rosie and me at the moment, and the good thing is, i don't have to answer to anyone, i come and go as i please.

As long as we all have friends who we can rely on, be it on the telephone, or on 'The Cat Site'!!, your not alone, especially when you have your fur babies to keep you company!!

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Congrats on your new home!!!!! I'm glad things are getting sorted out!!!
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IT will take some getting used to, but you'll be fine! I went from my parents home to living with a roommate. I then moved into my own apartment. I really enjoyed it. Having the kitties with you will help. My best advice is make sure that you have a social circle of support. Go out with friends, go to dinner, talk on the phone. . . Don't allow yourself to sit at home all the time. (Sometimes hanging out, just you and the cats is great, though!)

Have fun. Remember, like they said in City Slickers -- You got a "do over"!
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You'll do awsome with an attitute like that. The freedom alone will be worth all the work. I'm sure you'll be glad you can say you made it on your own.
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Tarav, good luck to you!

I'm 25, too, and can tell you from personal experience that living alone is much easier with animal friends. I started out with a bunny, who proved to be a life saver when I left home to go to university.

It's always hard when a relationship ends, marriage even more so, so it could be good to find new circles of friends and aquaintances - I agree with cla 517 on that.

Good luck w/ the job hunt! Don't panic, life is what happens when you're making other plans, and usually works out well in the end!

- Annika
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Thank you all for your support, last night I found out the real reason he left me. He has been seeing someone else!! I had a suspicion but i was never sure but last night one of the other firemans wives called to confirm his reservation for 2 at their appreciation dinner next month, I told her that Bob wa no longer living at home and of course I called him to give him the message and he finally told me the truth. I know I was getting over it, but now I just feel like I am not good enough that he went out and found someone else and just left me by myself. I know that I will be ok and I know that I am too good for him but I can not make my heart believe it!!!
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