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Just a note to say Hi!

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After a LOT of thought and debate with my self I have finally decided that I am gong to adopt a kitten! I have put my name down for a kitten that will be available in May of this year (2016) so I have just under 5 months to 'catify' my apartment!

I looked at shelter cats but the most of the shelters here in Germany wont let a cat to a home that doesn't already have a cat or the cats require free range - I live, together with my 13 year old son and a 2 year old (big) dog, in a 3 room apartment on the 3rd floor with no balcony so the shelter cats are a no for us.

I found an advert on the net for free kittens/cats. I contacted the guy (An older man by the sound of it) and he said that the cats he has available at the moment are all at least 6 months old and are total free range (staying out side day and night as they please) so not suited for my situation at all,  however he said that he will have some babies that should be ready to leave mom in May. So he took my name and number and will call me back then.

So in the mean time I am thinking of getting a blanket from a friends cat bed and putting it where my dog can get used to the smell of a cat in the house for a bit before the baby comes home. I will be installing cat doors in the inside doors so that kitty has a safe place to go where the dog can't go when needed.

I will also be keeping kitty locked up in my bed room for the 1st few weeks when I'm not at home and do introductions slowly making sure not to scare kitty or puppy.

I'm jut so excited! After so many years without a kitty in the home I will finally be getting one again!

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Congratulations! Wishing you and your future furbaby all the best!
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Hope you post pictures of the little one once you get her/him

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Getting a new cat is always such an exciting time! When yours finally comes home, you'll introduce your kitten to us. Be sure to take lots of photos. 😸
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