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Sir Purince may be sick

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Morning all, my 7 year old orange tabby named Purince is not feeling well this morning.  He is usually the first for their morning wet food breakfast but today he was just laying on the couch.  And when I showed him the plate he got up walked right past the food and went to lay on the bathroom floor.  He is now on our bed, we had picked him up to be more comfortable.  But when we picked him up he growled and he whined also.  Since it's the first of Jan. it is a holiday and the vet is closed and I don't know if they are open tomorrow.  But I don't have the money to take him to a Vet hospital, they are very expensive.  He is not straining to pee atleast when I watched him this morning.  But he isn't drinking either.  His belly seems to be hurting him some.  Any one have any idea of what might be wrong?  I don't think its urinary but I could be wrong.

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It could be anything.  You may need to get him to a vet.


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I would keep an eye on the bathroom habits. Try different foods, and try mashing them up, warming them up, etc. Offer it with some tuna juice to entice your baby. If the potty habits are normal, I don't think it's an emergency if it just started this morning, but by all means you need to get him to a vet when they do open. I had similar issues with my cat and in his case, it turned out to be renal failure. But it could be a ton of different things so don't go thinking worst case scenario. Even my vet never would have thought it was that with my cat until he saw the test results.


Right now, I'd focus on making sure he eats and drinks, and see if they are open tomorrow. Seriously though, I'd bust out the stuff that he finds irresistible, don't worry about it being good or bad right now. He just needs to eat. And even if he eats, I'd take him in to be checked out anyway.

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Thanks all...I went to the store and got Vanilla Yogurt and some Kaopectat.  The Yogurt helps with digestive issues so I gave him some and he ate about 6-1/2 spoons full of yogurt and after few minutes he got up and walked to the end of the bed looking to get down.  So I lifted him and put him on the floor, walked to the litter box in the front room went pee and actually covered  it this time. But he ill seems weak.  Right now he is laying on the shelf under my desk sleeping.  I will continue to give him yogurt throw out the day.

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Not sure giving the kitty kaopectate is 100 % safe; please be careful

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