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Proplan, Royal Canin and Authority kibble size and shape?

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Just wondering if anyone knew the size and shape of Royal Canin, ProPlan and Authority kibbles? Are they "swallowable" size?
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Also, anyone know the size and shape of Sensible Choice?
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I found the following:

Royal Canin Adult 32

Adult cats need a firm, crunchy kibble for optimum health.

Go to www.feline-nutrition.com to see the size of the kibble for all of their foods. Click on products, choose the food you want and it will show the kibble size and tell you the texture as well!

Authority Lamb and Rice

I fed Authority to my cats and kittens. I found the kibble to be rather large compared to super premium brands. If I remember correctly, they were firm, crunchy and an X shape.

Pro Plan Adult Cat Food

I have never used Pro Plan and their website says nothing about the kibble size. I heard that they use a smaller, softer kibble for easy penetration.

Sensible Choice

I have never used this food either. It is made by Royal Canin so the kibble is probably very similar.

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Thanks Crazy-Cat-Lover,

I did pick up a bag of sensible choice, and while it has nice small pellets... my cat won't touch it.

I don't think I'll even try Authority, since it's large.

My cat refuses to chew her food... she flips it back and swallows it whole so I try to get something not so big.

I think I'm going to go nuts trying to find something my cat will eat, lose weight, and not be allergic to...
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Have you tried Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul? They have a light formula, it really works! It smells so yummy! I haven't met a cat yet that refused to eat it. The kibble is fairly small and softer than most cat foods.

Some allergens can be found in food, most commonly corn, wheat, soy, beef, and dairy products. Chicken Soup contains no corn, no beef, no soy, no wheat, and very little dairy.

My 3 year old male cat, Peppurr, was 20 pounds last November, he is now 18 pounds. He is slowly burning off that fat, the food gives him so much energy!

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I've tried both the Chicken Soup regular and light, neither of my cats would eat it.

I can't figure out what Mabel is allergic to, she's even allergic to "good" foods like Felidae and Wysong. Honestly, the only thing she's not allergic to are cheap foods, go figure!
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It took my cats a few days to adjust to the size of Sensible Choice. At first, they ate around it. Now, they eat it just fine. Maybe she will like it eventually.
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Natural life makes a "lamaderm" line that is supposed to help with food allergies. It is mostly made up of lamb meat...easy on the stomach.

Have you tried Nature's Recipe? I know they have hypoallergenic formulas...but it does have some byproucts and filler. But not a horrible food by any means.

Nutro natural choice is good too...made my cats coats really nice!
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My cats won't touch Nutro, but thanks for the suggestion.

At this point, I think she's allergic to chicken... sounds odd, but she was allergic to a "chicken and rice" wet food, and all the premiums she's been eating and allergic too contain chicken meal.

She's on a sensitive stomach wet food thats basically water, turkey and corn flour... she's only been getting about 1/3 of a can of that and 2 meals of dry kibbles. I think I might start giving her 2 meals of wet and 1 meal of dry kibbles to see if that helps her lose some extra pounds since she's so picky and allergic to everything that switching foods is a killer on both her and me.
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