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I am not sure what my cat Mia had, but my mom said it was basically parvo for cats. She was about a year old and had not been in heat yet, so she wasn't spayed yet,and she wasn't allowed outside. We had made an appointment to get her fixed and about 2 weeks, before that she became very sick, she hid in the back of the cupboard under the sink and wouldn't eat. We took her in and once again, I don't remember what she had, maybe someone on here would know. She had to be quarantined and put on an i.v. the doctor said she had a %50 percent chance of living through the night, but later on the doc said she really had no hope for her. My mother and I skipped work and school at different times of the day to sit with her in the room and give her loving so hopefully she would fight this. In the end she made it through.
When it came to the spaying though, the vet recomended that we wait 2 months so she could get over this first. Inevetibly she snuck out through a crack in the window and got pregnant. The only way we could tell was because she is a very petite cat and all of a sudden she had this large round belly. So once again we took her to the vet and they did an X-ray and she had 4 kittens in her belly. So one morning I woke up and noticed her belly was smaller, but not back to normal. All of a sudden I got quite scared and asked her where her babies were (she is a stubborn cat and we have a large house, plus we had no clue when she was due) she walked to the door leading to the garage, so I opened it and I then heard rustling. Mia had buried her kittens under an empty box. (She buries anything and everything that is hers) I picked up the box and there were 2 kittens, one had been a stillborn the other was alive. I carried them inside and put them in a box with a heating pad and blankets. It turns out she didn't quite want the other kittens, actually, they had to do a c-section on her to get the other two out. Of course like normal, she was to stubborn to want to be around them, plus she was a new mom, so I had to hand feed them every 2 hours until she decided she wanted them 2 days later.
In conclusion all 3 went to great homes, 2 live together, and the other lives with my best friend.
I didn't expect this to be so long, sorry.

I remembered what Mia had, she had Panleukopenia.
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Since there isn't really isn't a health concern here- let me move this story to The Lounge for you.
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