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Write and email to stop cat slaughter!!

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I just came back from demonstrating in front of the mayor's office - some of our people got arrested while keeping the cats away from the death-traps.

PLEASE READ and help!!

Im copying from the British RSPCA website that is helping us:

> As a result of a single case of rabies in a cat in Kfar Saba, Israel, plans are under way for mass poisonings in the area. ASPCA News Alert readers, the Cat Welfare Society of Israel is asking for your help in stopping this inhumane campaign. Polite letters are needed to Israeli officials, urging them to cancel this plan, which in reality will not prevent the spread of rabies. CWSI also recommends asking these officials to demand comprehensive oral rabies vaccine campaigns for wildlife and affordable vaccine programs for domestic animals.
> E-mails can be sent to:
> * Mayor of Kfar Saba, mayor@ksaba.co.il
> * Israel Katz, Minister of Agriculture, sar@moag.gov.il
> * Danny Naveh, Minister of Health, sar@moh.health.gov.il
> * Avraham Poraz, Minister of the Interior, sar@moin.gov.il



Im attaching the picture we took yesterday of the city worker, after the police did not let us disturbe anymore. They caught and killed a few dozens cats yesterday. The day before we followed them the whole day and no cat was killed!!!!! Help us stop this horror!
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Oh, this just breaks my heart.

I will send a nicely worded letter today!
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I am sick to my stomage now

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I will email them all, I hope it helps.
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especially from abroad. Our politicians freak out when the matter goes "outside" because of Israel bad reputation as it is on other issues.

Well, Im not trying to contribute to the negative public opinion on ploticis - but regarding the cats and animals - we deserve all the "fire" we get!

If you really want to help - send this message and pictures all over the place! to people from all around the world !!

Thank you so much for your support!! FOR THE CATS!
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