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Cat shows?

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Does any one know where I can find a list of up coming at shows. I'm really interested in starting to attend them to promote my business
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They have a list of the major shows
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http://home.flash.net/~debreed/calendar.htm has some also, but not a lot. (Thats TICA's show calender)
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All right , we have a cat show in Savannah Georgia in May 29 and 30 I always look forwart to this show , every year . Thanks for the links M.A. and chixyb
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thanks for the links!
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Try Here

Check the show link and you can contact the entry clerk who will put you in touch with the show manager about a vendor space. AACE holds show almost exclusively in NJ and CT.
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thanks ken!
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If you would like an idea of prices to vendor etc. You can e mail me. I am the entry clerk for a few of the clubs put on by the link Ken gave you.
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