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credit cards

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Well I've just checked it out and I am going to apply for a new credit card - Cats Protection Card. I know it is only 25p in every £ spent that goes to them but it is better than nothing and I hate LLoyds TSB which I have got now so I will transfer my balance to Cats Protection. Have also got a Barclaycard but I might change that one too. They also do a RSPCA (cruelty to all animals)card and a NSPCC(cruelty to children) one as well. Makes a nice change to help others with things you would use anyway
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That sounds good. I hope the idea catches on in other countries - I've never come across anything like that here. Maybe they should offer them all over the EU.
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I haven't heard of that over here in NZ but it sounds like an excellent idea. Thanks for helping out.
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They have many ones like that out here, I have even heard of a save the whales one! I would probably do a aspca one or cat one, not enough people help out animals in need.
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Good for you!.

Speaking of 'The Cat Protection'. I don't know if any of you remember, a few weeks ago, i subscribed to be a member of this brilliant organisation for only £12.00 per year.

They never put a healthy cat or kitten to sleep, so they need as many donations as possible, so i'm now in the process of adopting a 'Cat Cabin' which is only £4.00 per month.

I received my membership card yesterday, along with a magazine which i get several times a year. The stories made such good reading, with lot's of happy endings for the cats, bless them!!.

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yes I do remember your post Susan and I looked for a branch near me but cant find one I also read about those cat cabin - great idea. Maybe membership is 'countrywide' and the subscription gets spread about. I will look again.
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Heres The 'Cats Protection' details:

The Cats Protection
17 Kings Road
West Sussex.

Telephone No: 08702 099099

Their e-mail address is cpl@cats.org.uk

Or, if you want to send your address to my private e-mail address, there was a form in the literature they sent me that i could send you to fill in to join up?!.

I just got in touch with the head office,and asked them to send my money to the nearest shelter to where i live.

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