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cat brushes

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My two fuzzes love to be combed. I comb them every day with a flea comb (neither one has fleas, but they like it) Anyway, can someone recommend a good brush to use? I have one short hair and one long hair so I need something that will do for both.

Also, if they like the comb, should I bother trying to change? I didn't know if a brush was better?

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I just wish Rosie would love to be brushed!.

Although she's a shorthair, she sheds quite a lot, and it's a nightmare trying to keep the shedding under control when i try to brush her!.

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I swear by the Zoom Groom, delivers a brushing and a massage at the same time.
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My Loki loves his Zom Groom!!!

But with short hairs please don't over due it - it does that great a job. Well, since he begged me incessantly I brushed Loki too much in his favorite places and gave him a few bald spots - in the mean time his hair has grown back in.
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Zoom Groom here too. I use them on my dog and the cat's.
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And the cats love it! My longhair, Max, looked like he was in heaven. My shorthair, Simon, wasn't as impressed, but by the end he liked it. I think I may have been rubbing him too hard in the beginning.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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Where can I purchase the zoom groom, and how much can I expect to pay for it?
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any Petstore like Petsmart and it runs about $6-7 snf worth every penny!!
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I paid $7.49 at PetSmart last night.
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