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"Cats are aloof ..."

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...so some people say. But we know different, don't we?

You know the moments. They're usually simple little events. In our house when they happen, one of us ends up telling the other "Cats are aloof" and the reply is "Riiiiiiiight!"

So, how about sharing some of those sweet moments. I'll start...

Cindy was curled up on her blanket on the hide-a-bed when I got up from the computer to go upstairs. I leaned over her, put my hand on her tummy and scritched, while asking "and how's my golden-eyed beauty?" Four paws, completely sheathed, wrapped tight around my arm and she began licking my hand...wouldn't let go.
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I guess people say cats are aloof because they do what they want to do on their terms and nobody else's.
The other day, I was laying in bed, enjoying a Stephen King book and suddenly my calico Joji put herself between my face and the book and decided to nap on my chest, purring like crazy while I petted her.
QT does not want me watching TV without her on my lap, so when I forget she will sneak from behind and pounce on my back (ouch!)
A few years ago, I remember when Skinny put herself between me and a very aggressive male feral who wandered in the house. She was ready to take on this cat who looked like he was going to hurt me and who was so much bigger than she was.
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aloof???????? Not if you have a manx...
Bob my baby sees me from acroos the room....comes running like a freight train and then bounces right into my lap...headbutting my head...bites my ear...purring like crazy...he does this about 10 times a day LOL
another thing he does is run after me when im not looking ...he gets on his hind legs ...and attacks me fron the back...of course this is only when i have made him mad or not paid enough attention to him...LOL
and geesh dont even try to read a book....what is it with books...???
both my cats attack my book if i am reading...LOL
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Rosie will always wait at my feet while i eat breakfast, then when i've finished, she'll jump up onto my lap, as this is when she has a treat from me.
But this morning, she paced back and forth on my knee, headbutting the cereal spoon in my hand, as if to say "Feed me first!!!".

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Both of my kitties are loverboys. My Simon goes into our second bedroom, hops up on the bed and waits for me to come in and pet him. If I don't get there on his time schedule, he stands outside the door of "his" room and meows for me.

Max sleeps wrapped around my head at night, just purring up a storm. So sweet!
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Yes, some cats are aloof...but most are lovers!

I fall asleep to Frantic's pur every night. He comes up besides me, lays down against me (I have to adjust to him) and puts his head in my outstretched hand so I can fall asleep scratching his head. Once I'm asleep he moves to the end of the bed, up against my feet.

Pipsqueek waits for me in the living room when I get home at night. He headbutts my leg, then jumps up on my computer chair so I can scratch him. He knows its hard for me to bend over to him.

My mom's cat used to protect her from meter-readers. A meter reader came in the house once, her cat followed him in. After he came up from the basement, he tried to go out the back door and Mom told him not to go by her, to use the other door, because the cat came in. He laughed, walked by Mom, and the cat attacked his ankle. Thank goodness he had on high boots. Terazar didn't let ANYONE but Dad near Mom.
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