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The Howard Dean Primordial Scream

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Have you heard this? It's really funny. It was part of Howard Dean's speach after he came in 3rd place in the Iowa Caucus. I heard it on the radio and almost drove off the road. It sounds like a commercial for a monster truck rally.



I'd love to have the video on it, but can't find it.
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LOL. He sounds like a sportscaster - not very presidential.
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Sounds as though he had a vital part of his anatomy, caught in a wringer! Was he trying to give a Rebel yell, in order to appeal to the "guys driving pickup trucks, with Confederate flag stickers"?
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I heard him on UK radio - oh boy such a duuuuuuuull voice. Where are the folk with sparky voices you actually want to listen to what they are saying without nodding off in the middle?
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That scream (as those in the USA know) is causing him all kinds of trouble. It made him look like a complete crazy person and he is dropping in the polls because of it. Personally, it makes me wonder about him!

I also agree he is not an invigorating speaker. But trust me, Joseph Lieberman is worse! Poor guy. It's sad that we do judge our candidates on stuff like that, but we do.

All of this certainly makes the process interesting to watch, though!
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Whoa! Now that's one exited guy! Poor Dean, he is catching so much he** for that speech.
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He certainly was excited!
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IMO he really made an @$$ out of himself in that speech. Of course, the hooting and hollaring part is getting the attention, but the part that bothered me the most about the speech was this:

After he had got done hollaring, he said something along the lines of: "Well, there's some polite stuff that has to be taken care of." And then he went on to his Thank You's. Just seemed like it was an afterthought, and an abligation to thank the people who helped him with his Iowa campagn.
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Heidi, I agree. His speech (if you can call it that) was simply a screaming rant about what states he was going to go to and kick-butt. He simply yelled the names of one state after another...then made the scary scream, and then said thanks. What kind of speech is that?!? :

As a long-time voting democrat, I sure as heck hope that Dean doesn't win the primary. If he does, I think I'll write myself in as a candidate when it comes time to vote for president!
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I think I have a different opinion than all of you. I looked at his speech like this ( I am a devout republican by the way ):

He was excited, angry, etc and speaking from his heart instead of the teleprompter. I thought he showed a bit much emotion, but it sure beats the hell out of somebody like Lieberman or Sharpton who bascially says what the voters want to hear, instead of what their heart and emotions tell them.

Now I am not a Dean supporter, I like Bush. But, I think the media is making this speech out to be way more than it really was. It was a guy who just lost a caucus, showing some emotion, all be it a bit over the top. But does that make him not a good presidential candidate solely based on that? No way in my opinion.
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Personally, I don't see why everyone is making such a big deal about his speech and that scream. I agree he was just speaking from the heart and the heat of the moment. If people aren't allowed to be "REAL" in this world, then it's very sad indeed. I didn't lose any respect for him. I actually liked his speech. It showed that he didn't intend to let that defeat in Iowa, defeat him. I got the impression it meant he would fight even harder.
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Thats exactly what I was trying to say Hopehacker! Yours was written much better though!!!!!
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I agree, such a reaction because such a speech is somewhat excessive.

But there is something I must say... making such a reaction is somewhat crazy, at least by the standards of politics in Puerto Rico... here screaming and trying to inflame passions rather than give a persuasive message is what gets you votes in Puerto Rico. Embarrasing indeed.

Politics in South America tend to be more aggressive than in the states, but equally as crazy.
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