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Sphynx Question

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We have been looking to adopt a sphynx kitten so I've been in contact with a few breeders. Well one breeder (who is quite nice and very helpful answering questions) has a kitten with a little more fuzz than usual. She sent a picture and describes it as up to 1/8 an inch on her thighs, with full haired tail and fuzzy feet. The kitten has a stellar personality and is very attractive. One of the problems is we don't know how much hair it too much in this breed or if maybe there are far more fuzzy sphynx kittens than primarily bald ones. The other problem is that if we are paying quite a bit of money for a sphynx kitten should we hold out and buy one that more resembles the epitome of the breed standard? It's such a tough decision because I'm sure this kitten will be great but so would many of the less expensive ones of other breeds for far less money. Should we just continue looking??
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I think it would probably depend most on what you plan to do with it, like show it or just keep it as a household pet. If you just want a pet then it really doesn't matter, just as long as the personality fits your lifestyle best. Thats just what I would think, but I don't know much about that. Sorry.
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If you aren't absolutely sure this kitten is what you want - keep looking. From the sound of your post, it sounds like you would really prefer a **hairless** Sphynx kitten. If that is the case, call some more breeders and if you have to wait a little while for something to become available, so be it. The perfect family companion is not something you should be settling on, as it is going to be with you for the next 13 years or so!

Good Luck,

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Thank you both for your help. We have found the perfect kitten for us. He is a red/tan boy who is exactly what we want. I think it was and will be worth the wait. He is about two weeks now so he won't be ready to come home for another couple of months. We are super excited! I'll post his picture when he is finally home with us.
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Good for you. I'm glad you took your time and found what you were looking for.

I'm sure your patience will pay off and you will all be very happy with eachother

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The kitten we have long awaited has come home. We are so in love with him. Let's just say it was well worth the wait. I posted pictures of Jack in "fur pictures only."
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