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New Litter

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Ok, I might be jumping the gun but Sandie and Ken's Pretty Girl had two kittens. A cream and a red and white and they are adorable. She sent me a picture and I saved it on a disc but don't know how to post it (any help?) Anyway, she does think they they are shortlegged munchkins. Sorry Sandy and Ken but I was so excited. Actually, I'm jumping out of my skin especially knowing that I'll be home to watch them grow up.

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Ooooh Frannie! Send me the picture, and I can post it!!! I wanna see Sandie and Ken's babies!!!

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I am glad you are excited for us Gaye. Ken posted a picture of the 2 babies in the lounge. She had a very small litter as it was her first. The red and white is very cute, but I have to admit I like the cream and white as well. Here is a pic of just the 2 babies (mom snuck off to grab a bite to eat).
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*reverting to baby-talk and other gibberish* Oh my gosh! Aren't they cute? Sandie, how do you stand it? I know I am gonna go through separation anxiety when the times comes for me to say goodbye to my kittens. *sigh*

Thanks for posting this! I don't get in the Lounge much, if at all anymore - I learned the hard way that I should stay away from that place...*grin*

Hope you and yours are well and happy!

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I know, it is so very hard to give them up. The only way I get through it is by screening my homes very well. That and if I didnt let them go, I would have a thousand cats I actually debated not breeding because of this. It wasn't until I realized how many breeders were not doing these cats justice. I wanted the people I reach to know that these kittens and cats are supposed to be healthy, sturdy and friendly. I have met people who think ALL cats have ear mites and runny goopy eyes. People that have kittens who hide all the time and run when they hear things. For me, Munchkins are great cats and I want people to see them for what they should be. I just hope saying goodbye to them gets easier with time. The pride comes when my last "buyer" decided to show her. She has also asked for another one of my babies. She may be getting my red and white out of this litter. She is a very good home and has a wonderful heart. She has 3 domestics now (she went to the TICA show to see my Rhiann, her cats sister) and went home with one of Renes rescues. She also has 2 dogs. She had fallen head over heels for the Munchkins. That kind of reward is the very best. I am proud of this picture...this is our baby with her new mom at the last show.
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There is nothing better than NEW KITTENS. Thanks for posting
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Gaye, I know you dont go to the Lounge much, I posted a pic of the babies at 6 days, you can go see them if you just click the linkhttp://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...?threadid=3121
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This is Rene's little Turkish Angora boy Aiden(sp?). He is going to be a part of her breeding program...what a doll face!!
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Okay, now I can't post in here without putting a new pic of Purrty Girls babies. With any luck, we are keeping the little white and possibly black bi color
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This is the little boy that is just about too tempting!!!
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Sandie I just have to say I love the Mama cat! Don't get me wrong the babies are very cute too!
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The grey and white cat you have posted looks so much like my Gabby I cant believe it. Do you think she could have some Munchkin in her?
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Forgot to mention that the other kitties shown are beautifull.
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LOL Elinor, it's actually the other way around. Rhiann, my blue and white munchkin is a "domestic" cat with short legs. Which just goes to show how very much munchkins are supposed to look like a regular domestic. I can see the resemblance!!! I saw the pic of Hissys kitten and about fell over and now this one is even closer!!
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Yes I couldnt get over the close resemblence. She is such a sweetheart too. She has a personality I have not seen in other cats I have had. She is quite a gentle, quiet and relaxed girl.Loves to talk to you as well. She is more affectionate than most females I have had before too.
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The babies are going to be 5 weeks on Saturday. They are out of the box and running around now. I just love them to pieces.
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This is my baby Kaos
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I want one!!!!

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Well, they are almost 8 weeks old. They just so darn fun to play with!
This is Kaos
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This is P T Cruiser
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Sandie they are soooooooo adorable!!!!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I LOVE the new babies!!!!! Thanks Sandie for sending me a PM about this thread!!! PT Cruiser looks just like Peaches did when she was a kitten, I sure do miss her.
Rene's Turkish Angora is also beautiful! I had never heard of a Turkish Angora before!
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beautiful beautiful beautiful!!
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Its great to come back after a week or so and see all the pictures of my own cats that everyone took! Thanks for posting Aidan Sandie - he looks great too! And Kaos is the cutest thing - I just want to eat him up!
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Hey isn't it time for our bi-weekly pics of the kitties?
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LOL Fireshoes...I have been swamped with work and the house. I take plent of pics, just forgot to brag this week. They are getting very big and very funny to watch. They will be 3 months old on the 11th of November.
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they are so precious. you're keeping one right? I know you probably already posted about it and I'm too lazy to go find it.
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Yes indeed, I am keeping the blue and white one, his name is Kaos. On paper I think his name is going to be Sandkats Get Smart Kaos. The Red and white boy is going to a friend who also has another one of my cats. She has named him P T Cruiser, Petey for short..LOL
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I think the name kaos is really cool. I want another cat in the worst way
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Yeah, I think I have gone insane!! Ken and I really need to start looking into buying our own house. We need more room for all the new cats that seem to steal our hearts. The Maine Coon I have been waiting for is due to be born any minute (fingers crossed) and I may be getting another Munchkin from the same breeder my first 2 are from. She is white with a little blue spot on the head. Which means 2 possible additions in about 3 to 4 months
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