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Funny Cat!

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One one my Siamese baby's heard from the other room the Asian leopard viedo Coco maui had posted,and came running in to the room and jumped on the computer table and tried to get into the speaker!It was so funny!
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Are all of your Siamese curious with electronic devices? Whenever my husband or I turn on the playstation 2 to play or a game or movie, and push the button for the dvd holder to come out, Simba comes hurrying over to analyze what the sound is. He is fascinated about the opening and closing of the little black dvd holder and the noise it makes and how it appears and disappears.
Love the picture of your Siamese at the computer!
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how funny , I am sure it looked cute and in that pic it still does
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that is cute.......
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Very cute
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That's too funny!!
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Awww! That's too cute!
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