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*Sigh* I think I need some Board Magic

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Today at work I got a phone call from my sister in GA.... She called to tell me that my Dad was in the hospital since Sunday. And also that he may have had a heart attack and has a weak heart ... I just hope that he walks out of that hospital tomorrow without having any trouble. Any and all vibes and healings are welcome... I usually keep this sort of stuff to myself. But it is eating me up inside with worry. I already lost my Grandmother a year ago and even though me and my Dad had a bad past... I want to mend fences with him now. I just want him to stop smoking also. Sorry this is soo long.
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I am sorry to hear about your Dad. Can you call him in the hospital tonight? He would probably like to hear from you
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I called him after my sister called me... He sounded groggy. He said that they will let him go home tomorrow. But they may keep him.... I dunno anymore.
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Best wishes for your Dad getting healthy and mending your relationship Sandra.
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I am so sorry about your dad Sandra ((((((HUGS))))))

I sure will say a prayer for him
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Sandra I am sending healing vibes for your Dad from me and all of my fur babies. I hope he is better soon. {{{HUGS}}} to you from all of us. Keep us updated.
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Sending "healing" vibes to your dad. Hope he gets well soon!
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My dad and i have had a not so good past of the best and liberating things i ever did was to forgive him...
I know it is hard...took me a looooong time...
dont pass up the chance...
I know how u feel
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Sending out healing thoughts for you both
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I hope your dad gets well soon.
Keep in touch with him Sandra, you've been given another chance.

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I am so sory to hear about this Sandra.

You are in my heart and prayers.
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Hope your dad feels better.
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I can tell you from experience....your dad will be kept a minimum of 72 hours at the hospital. That is the critical time for heart patients. When he comes home, he's going to sleep...alot. But he will gradually regain his strength. With diet and lifestyle changes, he can live a normal life. Heart surgery has come a long way. Things like angioplasties are now as every day as appendectomies and tonsilitis.

Sending good vibes to you and he for a reconcilliation and speedy recovery

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Hope your dad is better soon & you manage to patch things up.

It is never to late.

Keep your chin up.

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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of my friends here at TCS... Your prayers and vibes have been tremendous and has been able to lift me out my doldrums. I will continue to keep You all updated as to my my Dad's condition and I really appreciate You all.

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Sandra, am praying for you and your dad and your relationship. Please keep us posted, and remember if you want to talk, you know where to find me most nights !
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Thank You Cindy I will remember that.
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Hey Sandra,

I'm sorry that I'm late in reading this. Will be praying for your dad's health and your relationship with your dad. If you need to talk, just find me online or drop me a mail.
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Sandra I'm sorry to hear this, your father is in my thoughts!Hugs &
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