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Mom's house got trashed

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The cops just called, and Mike's mom house was vandalized. Mom has been in the nursing home for a long time, and her house was pretty much empty (needs to be condemned because of the cat urine and stuff) But someone broke in and took everything left of any value, plates, silverware, washer dryer, all the mirrors? Left the dressers. What they didn't take they broke! Threw the dressers against the wall and ripped the drawers apart, broke the coffee tables and flipped the couches upside down, split the lining and slashed the cushions! Took the safe out of the bedroom (the safe was empty) took the mattress left the frame? Geez! As I told Mike, at least mom wasn't living there, who knows what these violent people would have done to her!
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People like that make me sick. I, too, am glad that she wasn't there to endure an attack upon herself.
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OMG Mary Anne that's dreadful how could somebody do that... I'm SO glad that mom wasn't home..

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People like that make me sick as well. I'm thankful that his mother wasn't in there, and I do hope the cops catch these people.

So completely rude and disrespectful!!

Sorry this happened MA.
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I am sorry to hear this happened to your mom's house. You could check the local pawn shope, cocnsignment stores, flea markets, etc...even ebay to see if any of the stuff shows up. Maybe you can find out who did this.
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How can people do things like that! Not only is that completely stupid it's so rude! I hope they get caught and get the punishment they deserve. I'm glad your mother wasnt there and that noone was hurt. I agree with Coco should be looking for that stuff...its possible to trace them if you find some of the stuff. Good luck.
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Gosh how sick can people get . I am so glad your mom was not there and really don't want to know if she would have bin . I am so sorry M.A. that this happend to your mom's house . I am sure you and your husband are hurt ((((((HUGS)))))) . Maybe not a hole lot of value was left in there , but all the memory what goes with it .
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That is awful! Do the cops suspect who did it? The perpetrators obviously knew the house was empty!
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I guess they're the equivalent of internet trolls!
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That is disgusting! What will happen now to the house and anything thats left
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This sort of thing makes me so angry!!!

These people have no respect for themselves never mind others!!.

I really hope they catch them.

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That's terrible I'm so glad no one was hurt and I hope the police find out who did this
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I'm sorry to hear that. What is the purpose of such vandalism? It's bad enough when they steal things, but why wreck everything else?
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OMG!!!! That is incredible and bizarre! Why steal mirrors and why take a matress that must have smelled of cat urine? What the heck is wrong with these people!?!

I wonder whether it was a bunch of drunken teenagers who were having a sick and twisted bit of fun?

I'm so sorry this happened! All you needed was yet another big stressor in your life. sigh!
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The same thing happened to my great grandmother years ago when she was in the hospital.. They broke in and stole a TON of stuff and wrecked the rest. We never found out who did it I hope you guys have better luck with that.
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well anything that was left was ruined or else the relatives who went in and cleaned the house the DAY mom was admitted to the home would have take it. I kid you not that everything in that house was ruined by cat pee so what they did take- I just hope it makes them sick. It had to be someone that was watching the house because they would have had to brought a trailer to clean it out. The house is going to be bulldozed down as far as I know, because it was unliveable and condemned. Mom will never go home again, she is just not capable enough to care for herself and to mean to have home care help her. I don't know why this was such a rage crime, that baffles me- we went over to look at it this morning, God what a mess!
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I am really sorry to hear of this MA! Hope things get better and they find out who did this!
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I don't think I'll ever understand why people do this sort of thing. They just have nothing better to do, and think stealing is a way of providing for themselves. Shame on them! Well I hope the police have got some sort of information. I pray that your Mom feels better.
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