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neutering risks?

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My cat is getting neutered tomorrow morning!!! This is my first cat thus my first neuter so I am extremely nervous! I just took away his food ( he is not going to be too happy about that!) I know that the risks of something going wrong are slim but does anyone know what the percent of cats having problems or not waking up from the neuter is???
Also should I have tests done before they start, or does that extra stuff even matter?
I have also noticed he shakes a little, I don't know if this is due to nerves or what. he only does it every once and a while. Should I be concerned about that?
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If you are really concerned, talk to your vet about the shaking. Ask for a blood panel to be drawn before the neuter and the blood checked and put off the neuter until the results are in.

But honestly, I have had hundreds of cats neutered in the 12 years I have been rescuing and have never encountered a problem. The cats wake up groggy and sort of loopy, but you put them into a room where they can stay quiet that doesn't have things to jump on or stairs, and in 24 hours they are just fine. I have had more problems with spays than with neuters that's for sure.
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I have had many many cats fixed and I STILL get very nervous. Your little sweetie will be fine. Talk to the vet about any concerns you have before he goes in. My husband always calls a few times during the day to check on the babies and make sure they are okay. Don't worry :-)
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I never had a problem getting any of my cats fixed. Even Amber our bobcat was spayed and all went well.
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I cried when i left Rosie to be done, it's only natural!.

Please don't worry, your baby will be fine. He'll be a bit wobbly on his legs afterwards, but thats normal.

He'll be back before you know it.
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I just dropped him off poor guy is so scared. But the vet talked to me and answered all my questions, so I feel a little better and hearing all your stories is very comforting, thank you! At least I get to pick him up late -afternoon today. I think I am also going to give them a call around noon to see how it went
I asked about the shaking and they said it was probably nerves and to monitor it, but they feel he will just grow out of it.
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Originally posted by AmberThe Bobcat
I never had a problem getting any of my cats fixed. Even Amber our bobcat was spayed and all went well.

Amber is beautiful

My cat is in the vet today being spayed. All has gone well and I should be picking her up in an hour or two
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Everything went great! He hasn't had any problems so far. When he came home he wasn't too happy he ran straight under the bed but he is back to being his old sweet self agian. Thanks for all your replies!
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Glad to hear all went well
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I'm glad to hear all went well. I understand the worrying. When I had my boys done a couple of months ago I was super worried becuase Levi has a heart murmur & sometimes that can up the risks of anestetics, but my vet assured me that a nueture is only about 15 mins under & that because it was so quick the risks were low.
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