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Has anyone had any problems with Vets testing for FIP? I work with a rescue group. We have run into a Vet that tests only when he finds out the cat came from us. He put down 2 of our adopted cats that we know were healthy but he said they tested positive for the coronavirus. As you probably know most rescued cats have been exposed to the virus and will test positive for a coronavirus. We had another new pet parent call us yesterday and tell us this Vet said the cat they adopted from us tested positive. We sent the people information about FIP and they are getting a new Vet! Any ideas about how to handle this Vet short of direct confrontation? We recently became 501 (c) (3) and want to keep the good reputation we have worked so hard to develope! Thanks for any ideas you can give us.
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i think there's someone who posted a problem with vet's testing for FIP in the health and nutrition forum, check it out!
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Moving this to SOS where many people who work with rescues will see this.
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Late last year I lost one of my babies to FIP My vet used an FIP test, but only to confirm his diagnosis. In fact the FIP test results had very specific wording about this, to the effect of: "Readings of blah blah on the coronavirus titre are considered positive for the virus that causes FIP. A positive titre is considered consistent with a diagnosis of FIP in conjunction with the presence of symptoms. A positive test in and of itself is not proof of FIP, nor is a negative test proof of the absence of FIP." In other words the test company says that the test should only be used when the vet suspects a sick kitty of having FIP, and that a positive test is meaningless in the absence of clinical signs of the disease.
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I would guess that your group's application has a vets reference on the form (if you don't I suggest that you add it). If you see anyone that uses that vet, give them educational material in advance on FIP, and perhaps explain what this doctor does. If they have no vet, perhaps warn them about choosing this guy and give them the information about FIP.

I'm sorry, every vet that I know does understands that most cats will show exposure to FIP, and that is NO reason to put them down. My vet doesn't even like to run the test as without symptoms, it's a waste of money. Perhaps the vet is looking to make money on running invaluable tests?? That just makes me mad!!

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We do have one of the areas best Vets listed on our form. He has even talked to the other Vet we have had problems with. It obviously did nothing to help change his attitude towards us. I do thank everyone who offered us advise. It is appreciated! We welcome comments from other rescues. Kats-n-Kittens averages 90 wonderful cats. Please check out our web aite.
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Besides all the above,
Some tests detect antibodies to any coronavirus. Not all coronavirii cause FIP. Having antibodies, even to the correct virus, does not mean a cat will get FIP. Not having antibodies does not mean a cat doesn't have FIP. There are many good articles, just do a google search, these were interesting:

I would consider it unethical for a vet, except in an extreme medical crisis, to put down an animal without the caregiver's permission.
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