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Apparently, I don't feed them enough?

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Little boogers have been letting my border collie take the blame for knocking the lid off the dog food bin......

They tend to think that if their bowl is empty, they're going to starve to death. I feed them each a cup of food a day, and they're far from skin and bones (check out that belly on Willie! )
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Oh that is so cute. I have a hard time keeping Emmett away from Angel's food and treats. He probably thinks I don't feed him enough, but that belly doesn't lie
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LOL That is too funny! Would be a great Caption This pic for sure.

Moving this to Fur Pictures.
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LOL trouble makers!!
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LOL! Cute kitties!

But on a serious note please be careful they don't get into any bones or anything sharp-
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No worries, Sam, they're just getting into the dog food.

The garbage can is out of their reach.
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Dawn, who's the teeny tiny furry friend?? Cute, what is it? A mouse?
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I breed them. That's Leo, he's my favorite (don't tell the others)
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OH dear! oops you did say dog food bin.. my bad.. Sorry!
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Here's another...

I love this pic because Leo looks so FAT. He's not, he's just smooshed up against his girlfriend, Paisley. She is that fat, but chins are round, never slender, so she's not fat. She's supposed to look like that (chins can become obese, but obese chins have fat rolls). She's from excellent lines.

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here's the pic
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Wow very cute. Too bad I can't have one as a 'friend' to my kitty
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Your two kittys are having a
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Another chin owner! Good call using a herb pot for their hay...I do the same and it works like a charm!

Cute cats...mine act like they are starving all the time too.
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cute pic of your cats
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I love that picture! My cats do the same thing!
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AHA!!! Finally caught red-handed (red-pawed?)!!
Poor doggie has been vindicated

Cute chins too.
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