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More Mentos

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Mentos being curious. He is rarely outside But I thought the green background contrasted very well with his orange coat.
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Mentos was such a beautiful cat
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What a lovely picture.
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Awww! That is so cute what a face!
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Your cat is so adorable !!!! He can come to my house to live...lol
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his pattern was super symmetrical, and I loved his little white paws I miss him lots!!

and his head didn't quite develop with his body, so he always had this little face...
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That's a great picture! Beautiful cat.
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That is a very nice contrast between the green and orange. What a sweet picture of his curious nature. It's really great to see you being able to share your fonder memories of him.
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That picture is just soooo precious!!!!
I agree with superkitty, it's really good to see you sharing memories of happy times.
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He is adorable!
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Hwangster that is a beautiful photo and Mentos is such a beautiful cat. I love that facial expression.
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That is an excellent picture. Mento's coloring does really stand out from the green plants.
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I miss Mentos
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